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Varthur Santhosh, an Indian farmer renowned for his dedication to saving Hallikar cows in Karnataka, India, is widely recognized for his efforts.

Born on March 12 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Varthur Santoshkumr S. attended Lady Vailankanni English School in Bengaluru.

Standing at approximately 5′ 7″ with a weight of around 75 kg, Santhosh has a distinct physical appearance with black hair and eyes.

Information about his parents and siblings is scarce.

Despite being unmarried and childless, Santhosh is deeply involved in animal husbandry and owns numerous animals.

As a farmer, Varthur Santhosh is actively engaged in the protection of animals, specifically focusing on the conservation of Hallikar cows. He serves as the chairman of the All India Hallikar Breed Conservation Committee.

His car collection includes a Mahindra Thar.

Santhosh proudly displays tattoos on his right arm and both hands, featuring ‘HALLIKAR’ on his left hand, ‘MY DAD is MY HERO’ and ‘Love U Mom’ on his wrists.

Also known as Varthur Santhosh Abhimani, he is affectionately called Appi by friends and family.

Varthur is fondly referred to as VS Boss and Hallikar Santhosh by his fans and supporters.

Following the demise of his father, farming became Varthur Santhosh’s passion.

Actively participating in events, he passionately advocates for animal conservation, particularly emphasizing the protection of Hallikar cows.

His tireless efforts in preserving Hallikar cows have earned him recognition and honors at various events.

Varthur Santhosh, honored at an event, continues to be a prominent figure in the realm of animal conservation.

In 2023, he showcased his diverse persona by participating as a contestant in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss Kannada 10.’

Varthur Santhosh displayed his unique personality and skills during his appearance on ‘Bigg Boss Kannada 10’ in 2023.

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Varthur Santhosh hails from Bengaluru and is professionally engaged in farming.

His height is approximately 5′ 7″.

Varthur is also known by the name Varthur Santhosh Abhimani and is affectionately called Appi by friends.

Born on 12th March in Bengaluru, Karnataka, he attended Lady Vailankanni English School.

His physical attributes include a weight of around 75 kg, with black eyes and hair.

Varthur has distinctive tattoos on his right arm and both hands, including ‘HALLIKAR’ on his left hand and expressions of love for his parents on his wrists.

In a notable controversy, he was arrested for wearing an illegal tiger claw locket on the reality show ‘Bigg Boss Kannada 10’ in October 2023.

Varthur Santhosh is unmarried, and information about his parents is not available.

His hometown is Bengaluru, and he is of Indian nationality.

Varthur has a car collection featuring a Mahindra Thar.

An Indian farmer, Varthur gained recognition for his efforts in saving Hallikar cows in Karnataka.

He actively participates in animal husbandry, demonstrating a deep concern for the welfare of animals, particularly the preservation of Hallikar cows.

Varthur’s passion for farming intensified after the passing of his father.

A vocal advocate against animal exploitation, he frequently addresses these issues at various events.

His dedicated efforts in animal preservation, especially for Hallikar cows, have earned him recognition and honors.

Fans and supporters affectionately call him by names such as “VS Boss” and “Hallikar Santhosh” in acknowledgment of his commitment to the cause.

Varthur Santhosh was honored at an event for his contributions to animal welfare.

In 2023, he showcased a different side of his personality by participating as a contestant in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss Kannada 10.’