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Pokimane, a prominent Twitch star, was born on May 14, 1996, in Morocco, making her 27 years old as of 2024.

A Taurus by birth sign, Pokimane has gained significant popularity, ranking at #663 among the most followed Twitch users.

Known for her content in games like League of Legends, Among Us, and Fortnite, she boasts over 9 million followers on Twitch and 6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Pokimane engages her audience on both platforms, sharing stories, making jokes, and unboxing geek subscription services.

Prior to her online fame, she pursued chemical engineering at McMaster University.

One of her notable YouTube videos is “Stream Highlight With Corobizar and ImSoFresh!” uploaded on March 5th, 2015.

Besides her main YouTube channel, she manages an ASMR channel named Poki ASMR.

Pokimane’s real name is Imane, although she is occasionally known as Amy, and she is proficient in both English and French.

Her family includes a brother, and her friend Nikki Smith is also a popular Twitch streamer.

Pokimane, also known as Imane Anys, has become a renowned video game streamer and internet celebrity, recognized for her significant presence on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Born in Morocco on May 14, 1996, she has become a notable figure in the gaming and streaming community.

Imane Anys is known to her fans as Pokimane, and her rise to fame began with her Twitch streams, amassing over a million followers.

In addition to Twitch, Pokimane operates three YouTube channels catering to different content genres, including vlogs, ASMR videos, and content for her Chinese audience.

A member of ‘Offline TV,’ a collaborative YouTube channel, she has solidified her presence as one of its key members.

With her bilingual proficiency in English and French, Pokimane appeals to a diverse audience.

Beyond her online presence, Pokimane has ventured into merchandise, collaborating with ‘Meta Threads’ for an online store offering clothing.

Personally, Imane has a passion for anime, particularly the series ‘Pokemon,’ inspiring her pseudonym ‘Pokimane.’

Fluent in French, English, and Moroccan Darija, she holds a deep affinity for Asia, expressing a desire to live in Japan in the near future.

Imane Anys’s journey from Morocco to Los Angeles reflects her dedication to pursuing a career in gaming and streaming.

In February 2013, she embarked on her YouTube journey, adapting her content based on audience requests, such as the creation of an ASMR channel.

Through Twitter, Pokimane connects with her audience, sharing thoughts and messages, and has garnered a significant following on the platform.

With her primary YouTube channel posting vlogs, challenges, and game-related content, Pokimane has amassed over 1.3 million subscribers.

As part of ‘Offline TV’ since 2017, she collaborates with other YouTubers and internet celebrities, contributing to the channel’s success.

Recognized for her cultural diversity and linguistic abilities, Pokimane has created a Chinese YouTube channel to cater specifically to her Chinese viewers.

Pokimane’s multifaceted online presence and her cultural appreciation make her a noteworthy figure in the gaming and streaming community.

pokimane fast facts

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Born on May 14, 1996, Imane Anys, also known as Pokimane, gained fame as a Twitch streamer when the platform was in its early stages and has since become one of its most recognized figures.

She is celebrated for her expertise in playing “League of Legends” and “Fortnite” and later expanded her reach to YouTube, where she creates entertaining content and shares her gaming adventures.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Pokimane is an integral part of OfflineTV, a community of online content creators.

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Full name: Imane Anys; Nickname: Pokimane; Birth date: May 14, 1996; Age: 27 as of 2024; Zodiac Sign: Taurus; Height: 5′ 4″; Relationship Status: Single; Net Worth: $2 million.

Imane Anys, widely known as Pokimane, has been a prominent figure on Twitch, earning recognition as one of the platform’s most prolific streamers.

Pokimane has cultivated a lasting community around her, driven by her skill, clever humor, and engaging storytelling.

Born in Morocco on May 14, 1996, under the Taurus zodiac sign, Pokimane moved to Quebec, Canada, with her family at the age of four.

An avid “League of Legends” player, Pokimane achieved a Platinum rank, prompting her to start streaming on Twitch in 2013 after acquiring her first PC.

In 2014, Pokimane launched her self-titled YouTube channel, sharing gaming stories and diverse content. Meanwhile, she pursued a degree in chemical engineering at McMaster University, later opting for full-time streaming by dropping out.

Over the years, Pokimane gained followers steadily, but her breakthrough came in 2017 when she accrued 450,000 followers and became one of the top 100 most-followed Twitch accounts.

Recognized for her “League of Legends” gameplay and commentary, Pokimane received the Shorty Award for ‘Best Twitch Streamer of the Year’ in 2017.

Venturing into “Fortnite” as part of a sponsorship, she garnered attention for her prowess in the game and participated in a pro-am event at the 2018 E3 trade show.

Expanding her YouTube presence, Pokimane established multiple channels, including ‘Pokimane Too,’ ‘Pokimane VODS,’ ‘Poki ASMR,’ and ‘imane.’

Officially partnered with Twitch, Pokimane earned acclaim as one of the most popular streamers, becoming the ninth-most followed channel in 2020.

In 2021, Pokimane, along with fellow streamers, founded OfflineTV, an online social entertainment collective producing content for a YouTube channel.

Making her film debut in “Free Guy” in 2021, Pokimane also secured a place on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in the Games category, highlighting her as the largest female Twitch streamer.

Imane Anys, or Pokimane, has marked significant milestones in her career, from creating her Twitch channel in 2013 to becoming a Twitch ambassador in 2018.

In 2020, Pokimane signed an exclusive multi-year deal with Twitch, solidifying her status as one of the platform’s top influencers.

Collaborating with U.S. representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar for an Among Us game in 2020, Pokimane used her influence for a voting initiative during the Presidential election.

Alongside other streamers, Pokimane established Offline TV in 2021, contributing to the collective’s success in online social entertainment.

Pokimane’s journey reflects her dedication to gaming and streaming, evolving from a passionate “League of Legends” player to a multifaceted online personality.

The career timeline of Pokimane showcases key moments, from the creation of her Twitch and YouTube channels to being recognized as a Twitch ambassador and forging exclusive deals.

Pokimane’s achievements include winning the 10th Shorty Award for Best Twitch Streamer of the Year and earning nominations at the Streamy Awards and the Game Awards.

Renowned for breaking gender stereotypes in gaming, maintaining boundaries between public and private life, and actively supporting charity, Pokimane continues to influence and inspire her diverse audience.