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Nadeem Sarwar, the renowned Pakistani musician, is celebrated for his captivating nasheeds centered around the Islamic faith.

Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, Nadeem Sarwar has garnered immense popularity in the Middle East and South Asian countries.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Nadeem Sarwar’s real name remains Nadeem Sarwar.

Nadeem Sarwar’s musical journey began at a young age, performing at local events and eventually becoming a prominent figure in the Pakistani music scene.

His breakthrough came with the release of the song “Noore Muhammad” in 1989, swiftly becoming an instant hit.

Over the years, Nadeem Sarwar has released several albums featuring nasheeds in languages such as Urdu, Arabic, and English, resonating with both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences.

Nadeem Sarwar’s compositions are recognized for their spiritual and uplifting messages, touching the hearts of many listeners.

Notable albums in his discography include “Ya Ali,” “Ya Ali (Remix),” “Hussainiat,” and “Ya Hussain,” with “Noore Muhammad” standing out as his most popular song.

His most recent album, “Hussainiat 2,” was released in 2019, adding to his body of work.

Nadeem Sarwar’s artistic contributions have earned him prestigious awards, including the Best Nasheed Artist award at the Lux Style Awards in 2014.

He also received the Best Male Singer award at the ARY Digital Music Awards in 2015.

Religious leaders have recognized and honored Nadeem Sarwar for his inspirational songs.

In his personal life, Nadeem Sarwar is married to Naila Sarwar, who is also a singer, and together they have two sons and a daughter.

Residing in Karachi with his family, Nadeem Sarwar’s birthday falls on October 25, 1970, making him 53 years old.

Nadeem Sarwar’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, and he was born in Karachi, Pakistan.

As a world music singer, he gained fame for popular singles like “Ya Ali Ya Hussain,” “Maula Mera Ve Ghar,” and “Baraye Dil-e-Dukhtar.”

During his school days, Nadeem Sarwar was involved in sports, playing table tennis and badminton.

His self-titled YouTube channel boasts over 5 million followers and has accumulated more than 2.1 billion views.

Nadeem Sarwar and his wife, Naila Sarwar, have two sons, Ali and Ali Jee, both well-known Pakistani singers, and a daughter.

Collaborating with fellow singer Ali Jee, Nadeem Sarwar showcased his musical prowess in joint ventures.

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Nadeem Sarwar, a globally recognized Noha Khwaan hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, is renowned for his roles as a Naat, Manqabat reciter, and poet.

Rising to prominence in the early 1980s, Sarwar gained international recognition and popularity among Shia Muslims worldwide for his inspiring Nohas.

His recitations have garnered popularity in both Asian and Muslim countries, wherever Shia or Sunni communities reside.

Sarwar’s journey into Noha recitation began at the age of four, influenced by his mother, and he has continued to excel ever since.

Throughout his career, he has released numerous singles that remain popular to date, featuring the works of renowned poets such as Rehan Azmi, Mir Anis, and Mirza Dabeer.

Sarwar’s sons have followed in his footsteps and gained fame as reciters themselves.

The majority of his Noha collections, recited during the month of Muharram, are in Urdu, but he has also showcased his talent in languages such as Sindhi, Sariki, Punjabi, Pushto, Pourbi, Hindi, Gujarati, Persian, Arabic, English, and French.

Born Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar on October 25, 1970, in Karachi, Pakistan, he is 53 years old as of 2023 with a Scorpio zodiac sign.

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 73 kg, Sarwar maintains an average body build with black eyes and hair.

Professionally, he is recognized as a singer and Noha Khwaan, proudly representing Pakistani nationality and residing in Karachi.

In terms of family and education, little is known about his early life, siblings, or childhood, but his parents are Syed Asrar Hussain Rizvi and Syeda Nargis Khatoon.

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from a renowned university in Pakistan and has pursued studies in Commercial Designing, Fine Arts, and Interior Designing.

Nadeem Sarwar is a family man, married with three children—two sons named Ali Shanawar and Ali Jee Sarwar, who are also well-known Pakistani singers, and a daughter.

His wife’s details remain unknown.

Nadeem Sarwar commenced his career at the age of 4, learning to recite Nohas from his mother.

His linguistic versatility includes recitations in Urdu, Sindhi, Sariki, Punjabi, Pushto, Pourbi, Hindi, Gujarati, Persian, Arabic, English, and French.

Sarwar has actively promoted Azadari worldwide, traveling extensively to countries such as Pakistan, India, UAE, Middle East, Europe, USA, the UK, and Canada.

He has made appearances on various television shows, including TelevisionAsia, ZeeTV, PakistanTelevision, Dar-es-SalaamTelevision, and Midlands Asian Television.

Nadeem Sarwar was actively involved in sports during his school days, winning championships in Table Tennis and Badminton.

The world music singer’s self-titled YouTube channel has attracted over 5 million followers and earned more than 2.1 billion views.

Nadeem Sarwar shares a collaborative bond with fellow singer Ali Jee.

Turning 53 on October 25, 2023, Nadeem Sarwar continues to be a prominent figure in the World Music Singer realm.

His successful albums include “Karbala Mashallah” (2017), “Zindaabad Ya Hussain” (2014), “Buss Ya Hussain” (2011), “Badshah Hussain” (2016), and “Ya Ali Ya Hussain” (2011).

Nadeem Sarwar’s creative activities are predicted to be successful in his personal year number 6, a year dedicated to creation and personal relationships.

Additional information about Nadeem Sarwar’s net worth, houses, cars, and luxury brands is yet to be updated.