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After cohabiting for eight years, film director Agnidev Chatterjee and culinary show host Sudipa Mukhopadhyay officially registered their marriage in a private ceremony in 2017.

The intimate wedding, held at Agnidev’s paternal house, was attended by close friends and family of the couple.

Regarding their decision, the director shared, “Marriage has significant value in our society. For me, it’s merely a formality, and compatibility with your partner is what matters.”

Sudipa, keen on legalizing the relationship, faced various challenges that were recently resolved, with their story intertwining during Agnidev’s serial, “Kon Se Alor Swapno Niye.”

Recalling their first meeting in 2008, Agnidev emphasized the role of his pet dogs, saying, “We decided to stay together from the next day. So, I still tell her that my pets brought us together.”

Agnidev described Sudipa as extremely romantic and a great cook, contrasting with his own preferences.

Sudipa, who now bears the surname Chatterjee, expressed joy about the marriage and said, “From now on, my passport will bear his name as my husband.”

She wished her father could have been present on her big day, noting that initially, he had concerns about their decision to live together but later became supportive.

Sudipa, adorned in a white-and-red Benarasi outfit with antique jewelry, showcased her mehndi, while Agnidev opted for the traditional dhoti-Panjabi.

The couple plans to fly to Paris for their honeymoon, with Sudipa expressing gratitude for Agnidev’s support and highlighting their strong bond with his son, Akash.

Despite their close relationship, Akash chose to stay away from the ceremony to be with his mother on the special day, respecting his mother’s wishes.

Celebrating her birthday, Sudipa mentioned that birthdays are always special and expressed gratitude for the wishes from friends, industry colleagues, and family members.

Sudipa shared her birthday plans, which include seeking blessings at Lake Kali Bari, performing a puja at home, and enjoying a meal prepared by her mother-in-law, featuring dishes like chingri r malaikari and kosha mangsho.

Due to the pandemic, Sudipa’s lunch will be sent home, and she plans to have Chinese for dinner with her brothers.

The best birthday gift for Sudipa was her son Aadidev’s morning wish, showing his concern about when she would cut the cake.

When asked about birthday resolutions, Sudipa expressed a desire for everyone to navigate through challenging times and dream of a world free from the grip of the pandemic.

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Sudipa Chatterjee displayed a level of arrogance in refusing to apologize amid the Swiggy controversy.

Despite issuing an apology for the Swiggy controversy, Sudipa Chatterjee stood firm on her initial statement.

The anchor of the Rannaghor TV show took to social media to provide a detailed explanation, expressing her unfiltered thoughts on the matter.

Sudipa Chatterjee, after ordering food from Swiggy, questioned why the delivery boy couldn’t reach the destination without making a call.

In a social media post, she pondered the necessity of a call, suggesting, “Am I the gatekeeper who will open the gate?”

Sudipa Chatterjee faced criticism for her comments, with actors like Aritra Dutta Banik and Sreelekha Mitra also weighing in on the controversy.

On September 5th, 2022, Sudipa Chatterjee addressed the situation, thanking everyone for their teachings and accepting any consequences.

She clarified that her comments were directed at Swiggy’s delivery policy, emphasizing that she didn’t intend to insult any delivery boy.

Sudipa pointed out that Swiggy offers a “do not call” option, yet their delivery executives make calls that may be considered bothersome.

Asserting that delivery executives have no connection to her writing, she questioned the legitimacy of insulting them.

Sudipa Chatterjee confronted those criticizing her, suggesting that they were inflicting punishment upon themselves.

She emphasized that her language is part of her identity and urged people to remember that fact.

Sudipa Chatterjee extended apologies if her words unknowingly hurt anyone’s feelings, concluding her statement by wishing everyone a joyful Durga Puja.

The Rannaghor TV show host, known for her culinary expertise, has been a fixture on the show for many years.

Despite her popularity, a recent controversy surrounding a Swiggy delivery has caused significant trouble for Sudipa Chatterjee.

The hope is that the ongoing controversy will come to a resolution soon.

Sudipa Chatterjee has been hosting Zee Bangla’s cookery show “Rannaghar” for over a decade, which celebrated its 10th anniversary recently.

When asked about the show’s success, she attributed it to providing a platform for housewives to showcase their talents, treating them as celebrities.

Sudipa shared a memorable moment involving a woman who confided in her about her husband’s involvement in a chit fund and severed ties, considering it a significant achievement.

Admitting her love for all kinds of food, she recalled her most delicious experience, enjoying black forest cake in the Black Forest.

Sudipa also shared an adventurous food experience in a high-end Rome restaurant, unknowingly consuming an entire octopus, reminiscent of Sandra Bullock’s favorite dish.

Despite facing challenges and controversies, Sudipa Chatterjee’s commitment to her culinary endeavors and hosting remains evident.

The hope is that the current controversy will not overshadow the positive contributions she has made to the world of cooking and entertainment.

The show’s unique approach of recognizing the talents of everyday housewives has been a key factor in its enduring success.

Through all the ups and downs, Sudipa Chatterjee continues to be a significant figure in the culinary and entertainment landscape, and fans anticipate a swift resolution to the ongoing controversy.