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Sitara Yaseen, a young woman from a village in Punjab, Pakistan, gained prominence through her vlogs detailing her husband’s remarriage.

Married at 13 due to her father’s illness, she wed a man approximately 10-15 years her senior, who had initially been engaged to his cousin.

After 13 years of marriage and three children, currently residing in Karachi, Sitara’s husband decided to marry the previously engaged cousin, Kausar.

Devastated, Sitara received a call about the marriage, leading to her mother’s illness and depression.

Despite her mother’s suggestion to leave and come to Saudi Arabia, Sitara chose to accept her fate and be patient, leaving matters to God.

Subsequently, Sitara started creating vlogs with intriguing titles such as “Choosing My Husband’s 2nd Wedding Attire” and “Choosing My Husband’s 2nd Wife’s Wedding Gown.”

These videos garnered significant attention, propelling her channel’s rapid growth.

She documented dropping her husband off at the train station for his second wedding, portraying acceptance to her audience.

In a live video on her channel, during her husband’s elaborate wedding festivities, Sitara unexpectedly broke into tears, revealing her true emotional turmoil.

Despite her family’s initial offer to help her leave the marriage, they reached out on the wedding day when they witnessed her distress.

Upon the couple’s return to the city, they opted to live in separate houses, as both wives struggled to reconcile with the situation.

Sitara’s eventual acceptance stemmed from her concern for the children’s well-being and her own lack of education, making independence difficult.

Over time, Sitara realized the drawbacks of the situation, particularly her husband’s absence during crucial family moments.

Her YouTube content reflected this, attracting hate towards the second wife, Kauser, and Sajid.

Other jealous YouTubers made reaction videos, accusing Sitara of lying for attention.

Facing backlash, Sitara responded, asserting the truth of her situation.

She pressured Kauser’s father to allow her daughter’s face on social media, intensifying the controversy.

Presently, Sitara’s husband is giving equal time to both families, but her focus on content and clickbait has irritated subscribers, leading to a decline in support and enthusiasm for her channel.

sitara yaseen fast facts

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Meet Sitara Yaseen, a Pakistani YouTube blogger with over 9 lakh followers, who has transformed from an unknown woman living below the poverty line to a well-known content creator.

Her journey from obscurity to fame is a testament to her resilience and determination to overcome obstacles, inspiring many.

Married at a young age, Sitara’s life took an unexpected turn when her husband, without legal separation, married another woman named Kauser, making her the victim of bigamy.

Despite facing financial difficulties and being disrespected by her husband during his second marriage ceremony, Sitara chose to defend herself transparently on the web.

In Muslim countries, where women’s empowerment is often a significant issue, Sitara boldly expressed herself online, showcasing her makeup skills.

Starting with a modest viewership, she persevered, sharing her daily life in videos that gradually attracted interest.

Her confidence and strength impressed viewers, leading to a remarkable rise in her channel’s popularity.

Through her efforts, Sitara now earns a healthy revenue of $20,000-$30,000 monthly and has amassed a substantial fan base.

Despite facing criticism regarding her husband’s second marriage, she silenced skeptics by revealing the harsh realities of her situation.

Today, Sitara lives a luxurious life, traveling to Dubai, shopping, and independently providing for her children.

Her unique video collection, ranging from her husband’s second marriage to managing the household and welcoming the new wife, reflects her dedication to family and daily routines.

Sitara Yaseen, not a celebrity or popular model, has captured the attention of lakhs of viewers through her authenticity and commitment.

Her story serves as an example of self-empowerment and inner strength, breaking stereotypes about women confined to traditional roles.

Saluting her unwavering dedication, Sitara has become a role model for millions, showcasing that resilience and determination can lead to a better future.

Best wishes to her for continued success and a happy life.