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Sheynnis Palacios, a model and former contestant in the Miss Universe 2023 pageant, emerged victorious as the 72nd Miss Universe, marking a historic win for Nicaragua.

Born on May 30, 2000, Sheynnis Alondra Palacios Cornejois is not only the first woman from Nicaragua to win Miss Universe but had previously clinched the title of Miss Universe Nicaragua 2023.

Hailing from Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios is a model of exceptional versatility, and her biography serves as an inspiration to many.

Her charismatic personality, outstanding talent, and adaptability distinguish her not only in the realm of modeling but also in various other fields, including sports.

Palacios has garnered numerous accolades in beauty pageants, having secured titles such as Miss Nicaraguan, Teenage Beauty, and Miss World, among others.

Her list of accomplishments includes Miss Universe Nicaragua 2023, Miss Nicaraguan 2020, and Miss Teen Nicaragua 2016.

She stands out not only for her beauty but also for her intelligence and benevolent nature, making her a role model for many.

Sheynnis Palacios’ commitment extends beyond the glamour of modeling; she actively engages in community development, dedicating her time to uplift and empower her community. Her contributions make her an exceptional individual with an impressive track record.

Sheynnis Palacios pursued her bachelor’s degree in arts with a specialization in mass communication from the esteemed Universidad Centroamericana.

Her dedication to sports, particularly volleyball, mirrored her commitment to academics, where she excelled while actively participating in college sports.

As a key member of the college volleyball team, Palacios played an integral role in leading the team to multiple victories.

Her achievements in both academics and sports underline her unwavering determination and ability to balance diverse pursuits.

During her tenure as Miss Teen Nicaragua 2016, Palacios represented her country at the renowned Teen Universe 2017 pageant in Managua, Nicaragua.

Competing in categories like evening wear, swimsuit, and talent shows, she aimed to secure the coveted title of Teen Universe, showcasing Nicaragua’s culture and beauty.

In 2020, Palacios was crowned Miss World Nicaragua, adding another feather to her cap.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she participated in the Miss World 2021 competition in San Juan, Puerto Rico, representing Nicaragua in the 70th Miss World pageant in 2022.

Palacios made it to the Top 40 in the Miss World 2021 competition, with Polish contestant Karolina Bielawska emerging as the winner.

Her journey continued, culminating in the prestigious title of Miss Universe 2023 on November 19, 2023, solidifying her popularity and establishing her as a versatile model with an impressive array of achievements.

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Sheynnis Palacios, the titleholder of Miss Universe 2023, is a Nicaraguan model and beauty pageant winner, marking her as the first Nicaraguan woman to clinch the Miss Universe title.

In 2020, she also secured the crown for Miss World Nicaragua. She represented Nicaragua in the Miss World 2021 competition, achieving a commendable position in the Top 40.

Born on May 30, 2000, in Managua, Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios is currently 23 years old.

She pursued her education at the Universidad Centroamericana, where she earned a degree in mass communication, combining her academic pursuits with active participation in university-level volleyball.

Standing tall at 5 feet 11 inches, Palacios made her debut in beauty pageants in 2016 with Miss Teen Nicaragua, emerging victorious.

This initial success propelled her onto larger international stages, leading her to represent Nicaragua at Teen Universe 2017, securing a place in the Top 10.

Accumulating titles over the years, Palacios holds the prestigious crowns of Miss Teen Nicaragua 2016, Miss World Nicaragua 2020, Miss Nicaragua 2023, and, most notably, Miss Universe 2023.

In terms of family background, Sheynnis Palacios belongs to a close-knit and supportive family.

Her parents, especially her mother, Raquel Cornejo, have played pivotal roles in her journey, offering unwavering encouragement and guidance.

Maintaining an active presence on social media, Sheynnis Palacios engages with her fans and supporters worldwide.

Her Instagram account, @sheynnispalacios_of, boasts over 723K followers, who are captivated not only by her stunning beauty but also by her inspirational messages and commitment to various social causes.