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Following the viral podcast clip featuring a conversation between James English and Sean Scott Hicks in 2023, there’s growing curiosity surrounding the details, particularly concerning his son.

On December 4, 2023, the Anything Goes With James English YouTube channel released a new podcast with Sean Scott Hicks, garnering widespread attention online.

Sean Scott Hicks, a 52-year-old American actor, writer, producer, entrepreneur, real estate developer, and criminal consultant, has undergone significant changes in lifestyle and career over time.

In his past, Hicks was involved in illegal activities such as robbery, kidnapping, and conspiracy, leading to multiple prison sentences.

During the podcast, Hicks candidly discusses his dark and frightening life experiences, as unveiled in his recently published memoir, “The Devil to Pay: A Mobster’s Road to Perdition.”

In a particularly emotional moment, Sean Scott Hicks reveals that his son, Chase Hicks, is following in his footsteps.

Chase Hicks’ troubled history stems from his upbringing in the notorious crime family, The Winter Hill Gang, where criminal activities were prevalent.

As part of this environment, Hicks spent a significant portion of his life in prison, notably for a shooting incident in South Boston involving two Chinese gangsters.

After nearly two decades of a tumultuous life, Hicks emerged from prison in 2020, hoping to start anew.

However, the recent revelation suggests that his son, Chase Hicks, has committed a murder, echoing his father’s past.

In the podcast with James English, Hicks emotionally discusses his son, expressing self-blame for the choices Chase has made.

Despite Sean Scott Hicks’ personal journey toward reformation, he could not prevent his son from choosing a destructive path, causing internal turmoil for Hicks.

Sean Scott Hicks, born on September 10, 1971, in Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA, faced a challenging family background.

His mother, Constance Elaine Hicks, was a drug addict, and he never knew his biological father. Information about his siblings remains unavailable.

In his personal life, Hicks married his long-term girlfriend, Charlene Hicks, on an undisclosed date.

The couple shares a daughter, Asia, whose age is estimated to be 2-3 years old.

Additionally, Hicks mentions a stepdaughter named Makenzie in an Instagram post, but details about her mother and age are kept private.

The complexities of Sean Scott Hicks’ life are further explored in his memoir, “The Devil to Pay,” released on March 23, 2024, providing insight into the struggles of emerging from the dark corners of the world.

sean scott hicks fast facts

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“The Devil to Pay is an unfiltered and profound narrative that urges acknowledgment of both the past and the present. Courage, if summoned, can pave the way to redemption—a genuine possibility for those willing to confront it.” by Tom Lange, retired LAPD officer and co–lead detective in the OJ Simpson murder case

In The Devil to Pay, the gripping true story unfolds like a collision between Goodfellas and the Irish Mob, chronicling Sean Scott Hicks’ unconventional upbringing within Boston’s criminal underworld and his eventual journey toward salvation.

Sean Scott Hicks, raised in South Boston, found himself entangled with the Irish Mob from a young age, working for them even before his voice matured. Facing mistreatment from his drug-addicted mother, Hicks sought refuge in his adoptive family of felonious uncles, known as the Winter Hill Gang.

These seasoned criminals, including the infamous Whitey Bulger, provided both protection and guidance to young Sean.

Given his upbringing, a life of crime seemed inevitable.

This unprecedented memoir delves into Hicks’ experiences, from running illicit goods along the Massachusetts coast to his insights into the mysterious Isabella Gardner Museum art heist.

Terms like money laundering and assault merely scratch the surface of his daily activities, marked by a bold existence interspersed with incarcerations.

The narrative offers an intimate glimpse into the world of mobsters, revealing their greed, tenderness, brutality, and the inevitable reckoning that shadows their lives.

While blood and vengeance form a significant part of Hicks’ story, surprisingly, it also holds elements of hope.

The Devil to Pay: A Mobster’s Road to Perdition is an exceptional memoir shedding light on the harsh realities of the dark and perilous corners of the world, exploring what leads a person into such depths and the arduous journey back to the light.

In the entertainment arena, Sean Scott Hicks emerges as a versatile personality, making significant contributions as an actor, writer, producer, real estate developer, and criminal consultant.

Born on September 10, 1971, in Weymouth, Massachusetts, this 52-year-old Virgo has forged a distinctive path in the industry, captivating audiences with his diverse talents.

Despite being a prominent figure, Sean Scott Hicks has yet to secure a spot on Wikipedia, leaving many intrigued by the lesser-known facets of his life.

Raised by his mother, Constance Elaine Hicks, a professional painter, Sean’s early years were marked by a quest to navigate his identity, never having encountered his biological father.

Details about his siblings remain elusive.

Sean’s journey underwent a transformative shift, as a passion for music propelled him onto the stage and eventually led to a record distribution deal with Str8Up Entertainment.

Under the stage name Ghost, Sean Scott Hicks released hip-hop recordings, including the album “Lethal Injection.”

Beyond music, Sean’s life story unfolded in a docuseries produced by Ample Entertainment in 2020, shedding light on his tumultuous past marked by addiction and over two decades in prison.

In the personal realm, Sean Scott Hicks is a family man, sharing a marital bond with Charlene Hicks.

The couple, parents to an undisclosed daughter, celebrates their union without an exact wedding date available to the public.

Sean’s resilience and dedication have not only shaped his artistic career but also opened doors for legal representation from Brown & Rosen, a prestigious law firm in the entertainment industry.

With an estimated net worth of $2 million, Sean continues to leave an indelible mark on the world, emphasizing that one’s past doesn’t define the potential for transformation and success.