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Poornima Ravi, also known as Araathi Poornima, is a versatile individual recognized as an actress, dancer, and YouTuber.

Born on October 1, 1995, in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India, she is 29 years old as of 2024 and follows Hinduism.

Poornima’s parents are Ravi Somasundaram and Usha Ravi, with her mother working as an educator in a local school.

She is unmarried and has not disclosed any information about her relationships, affairs, husband, or children.

Poornima completed her education with a BE in IT, attending Shrishti Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Vellore and VIT University.

Her hobbies include bike riding, watching cricket, and dancing.

Vellore, Tamil Nadu, is her birthplace and hometown, but she currently resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Poornima Ravi gained fame as a contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 in 2023.

She has been involved in various short films, including “Koolaru Kadhal,” “Kaarigai,” “Ozhukkam Kelaayo,” “In My Vazhkai,” and “Hey Sandakaari.”

Poornima has also been part of music videos such as “Vizhi Paarayo” and “Kanda Kanavu.”

She received several awards, including the Favourite Actress on YouTube and Best Digital Content Creator awards.

Poornima Ravi’s YouTube channel, Araathi, has gained significant popularity, boasting 2.68 million subscribers and 550 million views as of October 2023.

Standing at approximately 5 feet 7 inches, she weighs around 55 kg with black hair and dark brown eyes.

Poornima belongs to a middle-class family, with her father Ravi Somasundaram, mother Usha Ravi, and elder brother Kishore Ravi.

The actress made her debut in the Tamil film industry with “Plan Panni Pannanum” in 2021.

In addition to films, she has acted in web series like “Selfie Kadhal,” “The Roommate,” and “In My Vaazhkai.”

Poornima owns a Royal Enfield Classic 350 and is known for her weekly income of Rs. 1 lakh as of October 2023.

She has two tattoos, one on her left wrist and another with the word ‘Bharathiyar’ on her right arm.

Poornima Ravi is a trained dancer and a member of Chargers, a VIT Dance Club.

She enjoys non-vegetarian food during parties and is an avid cricket lover supporting Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

Despite her success, she maintains her focus on her education, having pursued graduation in engineering.

Poornima’s popularity soared with her appearance on Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 in 2023, hosted by Kamal Haasan.

She is known for her dedication to her YouTube channel, Araathi, which features comedy videos on various topics.

Poornima Ravi has demonstrated her acting skills not only in films but also in web series, earning accolades for her contributions to the Tamil entertainment industry.

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Poornima Ravi, a talented actress and popular YouTuber from Vellore, Tamil Nadu, has become a beloved figure in the entertainment industry with her captivating on-screen charisma and engaging YouTube content.

Known for her infectious energy and versatile acting skills, Poornima, also known as Araathi Poornima, has successfully established herself in the world of entertainment.

What makes Poornima stand out is her seamless transition between various roles and genres, whether portraying a strong protagonist or a comedic character, showcasing her natural talent and versatility.

Beyond traditional media platforms, Poornima’s charm extends to YouTube, where she displays creativity through humorous skits, informative vlogs, and heartfelt discussions on topics close to her heart.

Poornima’s success is attributed not only to her immense talent but also to her dedication and determination to evolve constantly as an artist, experimenting with new acting styles and diverse video formats.

She gained recognition through two popular YouTube channels, Araathi and Narikootam, establishing herself as a dancer and a member of the VIT Dance Club.

Poornima Ravi’s biography reveals her as an actress and YouTuber, born on October 5, 1995, in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

She remains unmarried, with no disclosed information about relationships, and her family includes her father Ravi Somasundaram, mother Usha Ravi (an instructor), and elder brother Kishore Ravi.

Poornima’s educational journey includes attending Shrishti Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Vellore and VIT College, Vellore.

Her hobbies encompass music and dance, reflecting her passion for the arts.

While specific details about her current city of residence are yet to be updated, Poornima’s nationality is Indian.

Additional information about Poornima, including her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, can be found online.

Born on October 5, 1995, in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, Poornima embarked on her educational journey, attending Shrishti Matriculation School and later pursuing a degree at VIT Vellore.

She gained prominence as a dancer, YouTuber, and actress, featuring prominently in the Tamil YouTube channels Araathi and Narikootam.

Poornima’s personal life reveals her birth into the family of Ravi Somasundaram and Usha Ravi, with her mother serving as a school teacher.

Despite facing challenges early in her career, including job loss, Poornima’s hard work and dedication propelled her to success, serving as a role model for middle-class girls.

Poornima’s appearance spans various YouTube channels, including Narikootam and Araathi, along with participation in Tamil short films like “Ozukkam Kelaayo,” “Kaarigai,” and “Koolaru Kaadhal.”

At 29 years old as of 2024, Poornima currently resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, pursuing a career as a YouTuber and dancer.

Her educational background includes attending Shrishti Matriculation Higher Secondary School and VIT University, Vellore, earning a degree in BE.

Poornima’s relationship status is disclosed as single, residing in Chennai, with her only brother Kishore, an IT professional, who is married.

Poornima’s fascinating life includes temporarily sharing a house with eight boys while jobless, relying on biscuits for survival in Chennai, and amassing a substantial following on TikTok.

She is a bike enthusiast, enjoys TikTok, and has garnered significant followers and likes on the platform.

Poornima’s source of income primarily stems from her successful YouTube channel.

Known by the alias Araathi, Poornima has become a household name, recognized for her contributions to the entertainment industry.

Poornima Ravi’s journey, marked by resilience and passion, underscores her impact as an artist and content creator, resonating with a diverse audience across various platforms.