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Introduction on RHONY: Ubah Hassan hinted at her relationship with Oliver Dachsel during the later episodes of season 14 of The Real Housewives of New York City.

Public Appearance: The couple made their public debut at the 2023 American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala at Lincoln Center in N.Y.C.

Name Drop: Initially referred to as “Mr. Connecticut” on the show, Hassan finally revealed his name, Oliver Dachsel.

Relationship Privacy: Hassan kept Dachsel’s identity under wraps due to his preference for privacy, especially concerning his work.

German Roots: Despite residing in Connecticut, Dachsel hails from Germany, as disclosed by Hassan during RHONY.

Investment Banker: Dachsel embarked on his career in the banking industry with Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and later moved to Jefferies, where he is currently a managing director.

Military Service: In 2001, Dachsel served in the German military services, showcasing a diverse background.

LinkedIn Details: Dachsel’s LinkedIn profile reveals his educational background at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany, graduating in 2006.

Mutual Friends Connection: Hassan and Dachsel met through mutual friends, and as per Hassan, they had been dating for over a year before going public.

Keeping It Private: Hassan initially kept her relationship with Dachsel confidential, avoiding sharing details with her RHONY castmates.

Confidential Relationship: Dachsel’s wish for privacy, given his job, led Hassan to keep their relationship under wraps, respecting his desire for discretion.

Drama Unfolds: Despite Hassan’s efforts, the secrecy was disrupted when her RHONY castmate Sai De Silva revealed details about Dachsel during a dinner.

Hassan’s Reaction: Ubah Hassan was upset when her castmates started discussing Dachsel’s background, particularly mentioning that he was from Connecticut.

Reunion Confirmation: During the RHONY season 14 reunion, Hassan confirmed that she and Dachsel were still together and going strong.

Castmates’ Approval: Hassan’s fellow RHONY castmates expressed their admiration for Dachsel, describing him as patient, loving, and the perfect match for Hassan.

Andy Cohen’s Impression: Host Andy Cohen, after meeting Dachsel, shared that he found him tall, handsome, and an overall lovely person.

Reunion Praises: RHONY cast members, including Erin Lichy and Sai De Silva, praised Dachsel’s demeanor and expressed how he is visibly in love with Hassan.

Red Carpet Debut: The couple made their red carpet debut at the 2023 American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala, showcasing their affection and appreciation for the arts.

Ballet Enthusiasts: Hassan and Dachsel revealed their shared love for ballet, attending events like George Balanchine’s Jewels as part of their celebrations.

Hand-in-Hand: Photographers captured the couple holding hands, laughing, and sharing intimate moments during their first public appearance.

Mutual Appreciation: Hassan referred to Dachsel as “my boyfriend” during the gala, highlighting their mutual admiration for the beauty of ballet.

Eventful Month: The couple attended the Alzheimer’s Association Imagine Benefit at Jazz just a day after their red carpet debut.

Ubah Hassan’s Career: Aside from her personal life, Hassan has a thriving career as evident from her attendance at events like the 25th Anniversary Angel Ball.

Public Figures: Both Hassan and Dachsel have made appearances at prominent events, underlining their engagement with public life.

Ongoing Relationship: Despite the initial drama, Hassan and Dachsel’s relationship continues to thrive, with the couple attending subsequent events together.

oliver dachsel fast facts

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Reality TV Drama: Ubah Hassan, star of The Real Housewives of New York City, left fans intrigued during the last two episodes of season 14 by subtly introducing her new man.

Cryptic Introduction: Referred to as “Mr. Connecticut” on the show, Hassan’s boyfriend, Oliver Dachsel, kept his identity shrouded in mystery until their public appearance at a gala on October 24, 2023.

Gala Debut: The couple made their relationship official at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala, sparking curiosity about Dachsel’s background, job, and financial standing among eager fans.

Educational Background: Oliver Dachsel holds a master’s degree in economics and business administration from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Europe and later attended Columbia Business School, as per his LinkedIn profile.

Military Service: Before obtaining his degree, Dachsel served for one year in the German Federal Armed Forces, showcasing a diverse background.

Investment Banking Career: Currently, Dachsel works as a managing director on the investment banking, metals & mining team at Jefferies Financial Group, having previously served as the company’s senior vice president.

Impressive Transactions: According to LinkedIn, Dachsel has advised on over $40 billion in completed M&A, debt, and equity capital markets transactions since 2006.

Net Worth Estimate: As of 2023, Oliver Dachsel’s net worth remains undisclosed, but Jefferies Financial Group boasts an estimated net worth of $6.87 billion, according to Macro Trends.

Philanthropic Endeavors: Beyond financial expertise, Dachsel contributes to the greater good, serving on the board of the disaster and humanitarian relief organization All Hands and Hearts.

All Hands and Hearts Mission: The non-profit aims to address immediate and long-term needs in disaster-affected communities, deploying volunteers to build safer infrastructure and homes.

Relationship Timeline: The exact start date of Ubah Hassan and Oliver Dachsel’s relationship remains undisclosed, but their public debut at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala signaled a serious commitment.

Serious Affection: Ubah Hassan expressed being “very much in love and content” during a September 10 appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

Grand Debut: Just a month later, the couple made their relationship debut at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala in New York City, offering fans a glimpse into their romance.