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Social Media Controversy: Nozima Husainova, a Citibank employee, faced backlash for a controversial Instagram Story where she appeared to endorse Hitler’s actions during the Holocaust.

Private Social Media Accounts: Following the outrage, Nozima made her social media accounts private, but the post had already been captured in screenshots and circulated online.

Employment Consequences: Citibank responded promptly to the antisemitic remark, terminating Nozima Husainova’s employment once they became aware of the situation.

Professional Background: A finance graduate, Nozima worked as a personal banker at Citibank’s Wall Street branch in lower Manhattan since June 2021 after completing her BBA in finance from CUNY Brooklyn College.

LinkedIn Profile Details: Her LinkedIn profile, now deleted, indicated her role at Citibank was focused on building customer relations, fostering loyalty, and increasing sales to individual consumers.

Salary Information: According to Glassdoor, the average salary for Nozima’s entry-level position at Citibank was approximately $75,000 annually.

Social Media Following: Nozima had over 4,500 Instagram followers before making her account private, as reported by the New York Post.

Controversial Instagram Story: Nozima’s Instagram Story discussed the bombing of Baptist Hospital in Gaza, connecting it to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and concluded with an inappropriate comment seemingly endorsing Hitler’s actions.

Citibank’s Response: Citibank termed Nozima’s remarks as “revolting” and publicly condemned antisemitism and hate speech. The bank asserted a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior.

Termination and Official Statement: Citibank officially terminated Nozima Husainova’s employment and issued a statement to the Daily Mail, expressing condemnation for antisemitism.

Silence from Nozima: Nozima has not publicly commented on her job termination as of now.

Broader Context: The incident occurred amid wider discussions involving business executives, Harvard students, and accusations related to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Israel-Palestine Conflict Update: The Israel-Palestine conflict, triggered by an attack on October 7, has resulted in casualties, with differing claims about responsibility for incidents, including the bombing of Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

The situation remains complex and controversial.

Citibank’s Stance: Citibank’s move to dismiss Nozima aligns with their commitment against antisemitism and hate speech, emphasizing a stand against such behavior within the organization.

Human Toll: The conflict has claimed lives on both sides, with 3,000 Palestinians and 1,400 Israelis reported dead as of the latest Wall Street Journal update.

The circumstances surrounding specific incidents, like the hospital bombing, remain unclear and subject to varied claims.

nozima husainova fast facts

nozima husainova pics

Employment Fallout: Nozima Husainova, a Citibank personal banker, faced termination after posting an anti-Semitic comment sympathizing with Hitler on her now-deleted Instagram page.

Vile Social Media Post: Responding to a post about the Gaza hospital bombing, Husainova wrote, ‘No wonder why Hitler wanted to get rid of them all,’ accompanied by a smiley face emoji.

Citi’s Swift Action: Citibank promptly fired Husainova, labeling her comments as ‘revolting,’ and asserted a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech within the bank.

Backlash and Boycott Threats: Customers expressed outrage online, accusing the bank of tolerating anti-Semitism and calling for a boycott, raising questions about diversity and inclusion commitments.

Online Criticism: Social media users questioned Citi’s commitment to inclusiveness, demanding the termination of Husainova and condemning her words as vile and despicable.

Investigation and Disciplinary Action: Citibank responded to online concerns, stating they were investigating the matter and would take appropriate disciplinary action against the employee.

Educational Background: Nozima, a CUNY Brooklyn College graduate in finance, had been with Citibank for approximately two years before her termination.

LinkedIn Profile Details: Her now-deleted LinkedIn profile indicated she was in her second year with Citibank, a subsidiary of Citigroup, a global company with 240,000 employees.

Average Salary Information: Personal bankers at Citi, including Husainova, earned an average of $72,056 in the U.S., as reported by

CEOs’ Warning and Repercussions: The incident follows a trend where CEOs warned against employing students who blamed Israel for the Hamas tattack, with Davis Polk also rescinding job offers for such students.

Law Firm’s Response: Davis Polk, a prestigious law firm, rescinded job offers for students who blamed Israel for the violence, citing a contradiction with the firm’s values.

Supportive and Inclusive Environment: Davis Polk emphasized its commitment to maintaining a supportive and inclusive work environment while disassociating from views contrary to its values.

Law Students’ Appeal: Two students appealed Davis Polk’s decision, claiming they did not authorize the unsigned letters blaming Israel, prompting a re-evaluation of their cases.

Firm’s Position on Hamas Supporters: Davis Polk’s managing partner clarified the firm’s stance, stating they do not wish to employ supporters of the Hamas attacks.

Law Student Reactions: A significant number of law students set to be employed by Davis Polk distanced themselves from the statements, expressing non-support for the views in question.