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Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram celebrated their traditional Meitei wedding in 2023 in Imphal, Manipur.

Randeep and Lin’s three-day wedding extravaganza was hosted in Manipur, showcasing a blend of tradition, authenticity, and cultural richness.

Lin Laishram, a 37-year-old (as of 2023) Indian actress, model, and entrepreneur, gained prominence for her notable roles in films such as “Om Shanti Om” (2007), “Mary Kom” (2014), “Rangoon” (2017), and “Jaane Jaan” (2023).

Born on December 19, 1985, in Imphal, Manipur, India, Lin holds Indian nationality and belongs to the Mayang ethnicity, practicing Hinduism.

Her father, Chandrasen Laishram, a banker and former sportsman, and her mother, Surodhoni Devi, a doctor, provided her with a diverse upbringing.

Despite initially pursuing archery, becoming a trained archer and Junior National Champion, Lin redirected her focus to academics, eventually earning a degree in Sociology from Sophia College, Mumbai.

Lin Laishram’s journey into the entertainment industry began as an extra in “Om Shanti Om,” leading to her subsequent success in acting.

Breaking barriers, she became the first Manipuri model to grace national television in a swimsuit, showcasing her exotic looks and athletic prowess on the “Kingfisher Calendar Girl” reapty TV show.

Lin ventured into entrepreneurship, launching her jewelry brand, Shamooo Sana, in March 2017.

In 2023, she married actor Randeep Hooda in a traditional Meitei wedding ceremony in Imphal.

Standing at 5 feet 6 inches with a slim body type, Lin Laishram has captivating black eyes and long, jet-black hair.

As of 2023, her net worth is $500,000, primarily sourced from her entertainment career and entrepreneurial ventures.

Lin’s business ventures extend beyond her jewelry brand, as she previously endorsed the renowned company Ozoru Jewelry.

Noteworthy facts about Lin Laishram include her Bollywood debut in “Om Shanti Om” (2007), her collaboration with Priyanka Chopra in “Mary Kom” (2014), her early ambition to become an actress leading her to enroll in the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York, and her establishment of the jewelry brand Shamooo Sana in March 2017.

Her marriage to Randeep Hooda in 2023 was a picturesque fusion of tradition and love, celebrated in a Meitei wedding ceremony in Imphal.

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Lin Laishram, a 37-year-old (as of 2023) Indian model, actress, and businesswoman, hails from Imphal, Manipur.

Known for her association with Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, Lin stands at a height of 176 cm (5’ 9 ½”).

With black eyes and hair, she has made a mark in the entertainment industry.

Beginning her career in films with a cameo appearance as Om Kapoor’s Friend in “Om Shanti Om” (2007), Lin has been recognized as one of the women achievers from Manipur in 2018 by United Living and Ningol Chakkouba committee.

She pursued her education at Sophia College, Mumbai, Tata Archery Academy, Jamshedpur, and the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, New York, specializing in sociology, archery, and acting, respectively.

Lin Laishram is of Mayang ethnicity and follows a non-vegetarian food habit. Her hobbies include traveling, playing sports, and trying new food.

In 2020, Lin faced controversy when the Kangleipak Kanba Lup (KKL), Manipur, demanded an apology for her remarks on the racist characteristics of people in the region.

However, her career and personal life flourished, with her marrying Randeep Hooda on November 29, 2023, in a traditional Meitei wedding ceremony in Imphal.

Lin Laishram’s family includes her husband Randeep Hooda, with whom she shares a 10-year age difference.

Her parents are Chandrasen Laishram, a banker, and Surodhoni Laishram, a doctor. Lin has a sister named Rita Laishram Lee.

In her journey, Lin has faced challenges, from being the first Manipuri model to wear a swimsuit on national television during the Kingfisher Calendar Girl show in 2012 to navigating Bollywood biases against stories from the northeastern part of India.

Despite the hurdles, Lin has showcased her talent in films like “Mary Kom” (2014), “Umrika” (2015), “Rangoon” (2017), and “Axone” (2019).

Additionally, she has been involved in short films, theatre, and the Amazon Prime Video series “Modern Love: Mumbai” in 2022.

Lin Laishram’s entrepreneurship venture, Shamooo Sana, a jewelry line launched in March 2017, reflects her creativity and style.

Over the years, Lin has used her platform to support causes, such as endorsing human rights activist Irom Sharmila.

Lin’s journey is characterized by her resilience in overcoming challenges, her pursuit of substantial work in the entertainment industry, and her commitment to breaking stereotypes associated with actors from the Northeast.

Despite the complexities of the Bollywood world, Lin remains focused on her passion for acting and creating meaningful content.