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Lil Tay, an Instagram sensation, was born on July 29, 2008, in Los Angeles, CA, under the zodiac sign Leo.

At the age of 15, she holds the #470 spot among the most popular figures.

Rising to fame in 2018, Lil Tay garnered attention by sharing images and videos showcasing opulence, including money and luxury cars, amassing over 4.2 million followers on Instagram.

In September 2023, she released the song “Sucker 4 Green,” and its music video rapidly gained traction on YouTube.

Before her rise to stardom, Lil Tay pursued singing and dancing lessons during her formative years.

Notably, she and her mother were interviewed by ABC’s Juju Chang in May 2018.

In a twist of events, Lil Tay’s first Instagram account was deleted in the summer of 2018.

However, she made a comeback on Instagram to pay tribute to the late Xxxtentacion, making his image her profile icon.

Known by her real name Tay Tian, Lil Tay resides in Vancouver with her family.

She has a brother named Jason, and her parents, Angela Tian and Christopher, are an integral part of her life.

Angela Tian, Lil Tay’s mother, is a real estate agent.

In the realm of social media, Lil Tay established connections with other internet stars.

She befriended Woah Vicky, with whom she shared content on their social feeds.

Additionally, Lil Tay garnered attention by posting a picture with Lil Pump, which received over 500,000 likes on Instagram.

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Lil Tay, born on July 29, 2007, is a renowned rapper known for her social media antics.

She gained fame for flaunting money and luxury cars on her social media, claiming to be the youngest flexer on the internet.

Lil Tay has over 4.2 million Instagram followers, and her posts quickly made her a viral sensation.

In September 2023, she released the song “Sucker 4 Green,” and its music video trended on YouTube.

Before her rise to fame, Lil Tay took singing and dancing lessons.

She was interviewed alongside her mother by ABC’s Juju Chang in May 2018.

Lil Tay’s first Instagram account was deleted in the summer of 2018, but she returned to pay tribute to Xxxtentacion.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Lil Tay falsely claimed Atlanta as her hometown on the internet.

As of 2023, Lil Tay is 16 years old, and her birthday falls on July 29, making her a Leo.

Lil Tay is biracial, with a Canadian father, Christopher John Hope, and a Chinese mother, Angela Tian.

Her younger brother, Jason Tian, played a role in Lil Tay’s viral success.

Lil Tay moved to Los Angeles to pursue a rap career but later returned to Vancouver after a hiatus.

Lil Tay used her social media attention to boost her career as a rapper, gaining popularity for her confrontational style.

She released her first official song, “Money Way,” in April 2018, receiving mixed reviews.

Lil Tay’s father, Christopher, disapproved of her online antics, prompting her to move back and focus on her career seriously.

The rapper has deleted most of her social media accounts and is leading a quiet life in her hometown.

Lil Tay’s net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand as of 2023.

Standing at 4 feet 9 inches tall, Lil Tay weighs around 40 kg and has naturally black hair (dyed blonde) and dark brown eyes.

There are no rumors or reports of Lil Tay having any romantic affairs.

She is too young to be married or have children.

Lil Tay’s full real name is Claire Eileen Qi Hope.

She comes from a Christian background, and her family resides in Vancouver, Canada.

Lil Tay’s US shoe size is estimated to be 5.

She is recognized by other names such as Lil Tay Jetski, Lil Tay Tervali, Lil Gucci Taylor, and Lil Taylor Cosgrove.

Although her Wikipedia page does not exist, Lil Tay’s bio can be found on various other social media sites.

Her Facebook page, with over 20 thousand likes, is still active.