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Full Name: Lauren Keyana Palmer

Birth Date: August 26, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′ 6″

Relationship Status: Single

Net Worth: $7.5 million

Lauren Keyana Palmer was born on August 26, 1993, in Harvey, Illinois, U.S., with African-American ethnicity.

Her parents, Sharon and Larry Palmer, were professional actors turned full-time workers.

Sharon is a teacher for kids with autism, and Larry works for a polyurethane company.

Palmer has one brother and two sisters.

She attended Rickover Jr. High School, St. Benedict School, and also did some years of homeschooling.

In 2004, Palmer’s acting journey began with her role as the niece of Queen Latifah in “Barbershop 2: Back in Business.”

In 2005, she signed a deal with Atlantic Records, marking the start of her music career.

Her first major role in Nickelodeon came in 2007 with “Jump In!” and her debut album, “So Uncool,” was released the same year.

From 2008 to 2011, Palmer played the main character in “True Jackson, V.P.” and participated in the Nickelodeon film “Rags.”

Later in her career, she ventured into more mature roles, starring in “Scream Queens” (2015-2016) and “Berlin Station” (2017-2019).

From 2019 to 2020, Palmer co-hosted the talk show “Strahan, Sara and Keke.”

Palmer has a successful singing career with her debut album and three E.P.s.

In 2021, she won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.

Her most recent project is voicing the character Izzy in the “Toy Story” spinoff, “Lightyear.”

Palmer started dating Rodney King in 2010, and they were engaged after three years but called it off.

She dated actor and singer Quincy Brown, but they ended their relationship in 2017.

As of now, Keke Palmer is presumed to be single.

Palmer engages in charity work, supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s Cool To Be Smart program, emphasizing the value of education.

She actively supports the Black Lives Matter movement, participating in the march for George Floyd in 2020 and addressing the subject at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.

Additionally, her fashion style has made her a constant icon on red carpets and fashion events.

Palmer is the voice of Senna in the popular game “League of Legends.”

Her nickname “Keke” originated from her sister’s imaginary friend.

Keke fulfilled her dream of hosting the VMA Awards in 2020.

In the movie “Rags,” Palmer is the second black representation of Cinderella, following Brandy Norwood.

Her singing journey began at the age of five in church.

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Limitless Potential: Keke Palmer’s career has showcased that there’s no limit to what she can achieve, and she’s only at the beginning of her journey.

Early Roots: Starting in the church choir at the age of 5, Palmer quickly found success in acting after moving to Los Angeles.

Nickelodeon Stardom: Rising to fame with her own Nickelodeon series, “True Jackson, VP,” from 2008 to 2011.

Historic Achievements: Three years after her Nickelodeon success, Palmer made history by becoming the first Black actress to play Cinderella on Broadway.

Boss Moves: Opting to be her own boss, she launched her record label, Big Boss Entertainment, and expressed aspirations of trying stand-up comedy.

Motherhood: In 2023, Palmer welcomed her first child, son Leodis.

Big Screen Debut (2004): Palmer’s acting journey began in 2004, playing Queen Latifah’s niece in “Barbershop 2: Back in Business.”

Breakout Role (2006): Her breakout role came in 2006 with “Akeelah and the Bee,” her first leading role.

Musical Debut (2007): Palmer entered the music industry with her debut album, “So Uncool,” in 2007.

Nickelodeon Stardom (2008-2011): Starring as True Jackson in her Nickelodeon series from 2008 to 2011.

Clothing Line Collab (2009): Teaming up with Walmart for a fashion line, Mad Style by True Jackson, in 2009.

Acting and Singing (2012): Combining acting and singing in the film “Joyful Noise.”

Talk Show Host (2014): Made history as the youngest talk show host with “Just Keke” on BET in 2014.

Breaking Barriers (2014): Portrayed the first Black Cinderella on Broadway in 2014.

Bold Statements (2015): Released the music video “I Don’t Belong to You,” challenging societal labels on sexuality.

Versatile Career (2015-2016): Starred in “Scream Queens” and released the EP “Lauren” in 2016.

Author (2017): Released her first book, “I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice,” in 2017.

Fashion Forward (2017): Boldly shaved her head and dyed it purple, making a statement about self-expression.

Entrepreneurship (2018): Launched the independent record label, Big Boss Entertainment, in 2018.

Multifaceted Roles (2017-2019): Acted in “Berlin Station” and “Star” from 2017 to 2019.

Morning Show Host (2019): Became the third cohost on the third hour of “Good Morning America” in 2019.

Time 100 Next (2019): Named as one of the movers and shakers on the Time 100 Next 2019 list.

Voice for Change (2020): Actively participated in the Black Lives Matter protests in June 2020.

Return to Music (2020): Released her third EP, “Virgo Tendencies, Pt.1,” in August 2020.

VMAs Host (2020): Hosted the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2020.

Scream Queen (2022): Appeared in Jordan Peele’s horror movie “Nope” in July 2022.

Pregnancy Announcement (2022): Announced her pregnancy on “Saturday Night Live” in December 2022.

Motherhood (2023): Welcomed her son Leodis in February 2023.

Legal Battles (2023): Filed for a restraining order against Darius Jackson, alleging violence in their relationship.

Resilient Spirit: Throughout her journey, Palmer remains unapologetically herself, embracing each new phase of life with strength and grace.