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Heartbroken Police Commissioner Grant Stevens has poured out his emotions in a poignant letter following the tragic death of his son Charlie during Schoolies in 2023.

The devastated commissioner revealed details of Charlie’s vibrant life, describing him as cheeky, intense, and funny – a loveable character who left a lasting impact on everyone he encountered.

In the heartfelt letter, Commissioner Stevens reflects on the messy yet perfect room where Charlie lived and shares anecdotes about his son’s passions, including Lego, BBL, scooters, and various sports.

The reference to “101” signifies the 101st life lost on South Australian roads that year, underlining the tragic toll of road accidents.

Charlie’s endearing qualities, from befriending the lonely to his commitment to friends and family, are highlighted in the letter.

The commissioner paints a vivid picture of Charlie’s life, detailing his love for footy, his circle of friends, and the unique role he played in his family, even using humor to depict everyday moments.

The letter also touches on Charlie’s work life, where he thrived, enjoyed his job, and idolized his boss.

The commissioner shares intimate details of Charlie’s daily routine, from waking up for work to heading out with friends, capturing the essence of his son’s lively personality.

The tragic incident that claimed Charlie’s life is described, revealing that he suffered an irreversible brain injury in an alleged hit-and-run during Schoolies.

The alleged perpetrator, Dhirren Randhawa, is charged with multiple offenses related to the incident.

Commissioner Stevens concludes the letter by honoring Charlie as more than just a number on a tragic tally, emphasizing his roles as a son, brother, grandson, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend, workmate, and teammate.

The letter, shared on the SA Police Facebook page, also includes a link to register for organ donation.

As the community rallies behind Commissioner Stevens and his family, the SA Premier acknowledges the commissioner’s dedicated service to the state and expresses solidarity during this difficult time.

Commissioner Stevens is expected to take indefinite leave to be with his family as they navigate through the grieving process.

grant stevens fast facts

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South Australia’s Police Commissioner, Grant Stevens, along with his wife, Emma, have publicly honored their son Charlie, who tragically lost his life in an alleged hit-and-run incident in 2023.

The commissioner shared heartfelt sentiments in a two-page letter, describing Charlie as a “force of nature” and highlighting the profound impact he had on those around him.

In the poignant tribute, the couple referred to Charlie as the 101st life lost in South Australia that year, emphasizing that he was more than just a statistic.

The letter painted a vivid picture of Charlie’s vibrant personality, recalling his cheeky, intense, and funny nature from a young age.

The couple shared intimate details of Charlie’s life, from his diverse passions, including Lego, BBL, and various sports, to his commitment to helping others and befriending the lonely.

The letter captured the intensity with which Charlie pursued his interests, making an “all or nothing” commitment to each new passion.

The tribute extended to Charlie’s involvement in local sports clubs, including the Mitcham Hawks, Unley Jets, and Goodwood Saints, all of which expressed their condolences.

The couple described Charlie’s wide circle of friends and the lively atmosphere he brought to their home, waking up to extra bodies on weekends and serving as his parents’ alarm clock during his apprenticeship.

The letter also touched on the alleged hit-and-run incident that claimed Charlie’s life, emphasizing the family’s advocacy for organ donation after Charlie suffered an irreversible brain injury and passed away in the hospital.

Dhirren Randhawa, the 18-year-old alleged driver, has been charged with multiple offenses and was granted bail after appearing in court.

The commissioner’s letter resonated with the community, prompting calls for increased road safety awareness and reflection on the impact of each life lost.

Tributes from public figures, including SA Road Safety Minister Joe Szakacs and Human Services Minister Nat Cook, underscored the emotional impact of the commissioner’s letter.

As the community mourns Charlie’s loss, the letter serves as a poignant reminder that each statistic represents a loved person with a unique story and the potential for saving lives through organ donation.