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Birth Place: Mandaluyong, Philippines

Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, Director, Actor, Photographer

Initiated his career as the host of the television show “Loveli Ness.”

In 1990, he released the groundbreaking album “Yo!,” marking the first commercially released Filipino rap album.

Established the band Hardware Syndrome in 1993, renowned for blending Pinoy Rock and Rap.

Founded the record company “Red Egg Records” and his production company “Filipino Pictures Inc.”

Accomplished photographer and former member of the Camera Club of the Philippines.

Introduced the clothing line “FMCC” (FrancisM Clothing Co).

Co-founded the Heartist Foundation with Ely Buendia, aimed at assisting Filipino artists facing health and commercial challenges.

Clara Magalona: Daughter
Isabella Magalona: Daughter
Maxene Magalona: Daughter

Unna Magalona: Daughter
Pancho Magalona: Father
Tita Duran: Mother
Arkin Magalona: Son

Elmo Magalona: Son
Francis Jr. Magalona: Son
Nicolo Magalona: Son
Pia Arroyo-Magalona: Wife

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Born in Mandaluyong, Philippines, Francis Magalona was one of nine siblings, the son of Philippine movie screen legends Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran.

Commenced his career as a breakdancer in the early 1980s before venturing into acting, featuring in numerous Filipino movies.

Pioneered into emceeing and released the groundbreaking album “Yo!” in 1990, the first commercially released Filipino rap album, sparking the rise of Filipino hip hop.

Became a prominent figure in “Makabayang” or Nationalistic rap, rapping in both English and Tagalog.

Renowned for his politically conscious and thought-provoking rhymes, “Yo!” marked the shift of Filipino hip hop from underground to mainstream status.

Released the highly regarded album “Rap Is FrancisM” in 1992, addressing cultural and social issues, earning classic status in Pinoy Rap.

Ventured into Pinoy rock with albums like “Meron akong ano!” (I Got Some!) in 1993 and “FreeMan” in 1995, showcasing versatility.

Collaborated with notable Pinoy music luminaries, including Joey Ayala, Heber Bartolome, Ryan Cayabyab, and the Eraserheads.

Contributed significantly to Pinoy Rap’s recognition internationally, featured in publications like the All Music Guide to Hip-Hop.

Honored with the Pioneer Hall of Fame Award at the 1st Annual Philippine Hip-Hop Music Awards in 2005.

Founded Red Egg Records and Filipino Pictures Inc., showcasing his directorial skills in music videos for various artists.

Directed award-winning music videos, such as Sponge Cola’s “KLSP,” winning Best Rock Video at the 2006 MYX Video Awards.

Extended his career to hosting, participating in television shows like Eat Bulaga! and serving as MTV Asia’s first Filipino VJ.

Launched a compilation album in 2002, showcasing local hip-hop talents, and released the greatest hits album “The Best of FrancisM.”

Chosen as a judge for Philippine Idol, alongside Maestro Ryan Cayabyab and Ms. Pilita Corrales, showcasing versatility.

Received the MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards Generations Award in 2006, recognizing his groundbreaking career.

Proven as a multi-media artist, he held exhibits in painting and photography, joining the Camera Club of the Philippines.

Succumbed to acute myelogenous leukemia on March 6, 2009, a few days after his fourth chemotherapy session, leaving a lasting legacy.

Honored posthumously with tributes on various shows, including a minute of prayer on Wowowee.

Remembered as a trailblazer, breaking boundaries in the music industry and inspiring generations of artists.