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A Kentucky couple, Kaitlin Brooks and Cody Sheehan, gained widespread attention online due to a moment from their September 2023 wedding.

Videographer Samuel Foree shared a clip of Cody’s unconventional vows, where, after Kaitlin’s heartfelt promises, Cody humorously pledged, “I promise to smack that a– every chance I get.”

Despite laughter from the audience, the officiant urged Cody to add more, leading to a moment of awkward silence.

Cody, unprepared with written vows, responded, “That’s what I’m going with,” leaving some commenters speculating on the bride’s potential disappointment.

Commenters expressed mixed reactions, with some finding humor in Cody’s unconventional vows, while others criticized him for not incorporating more sentimental words.

Some remarked that the bride’s thoughtful speech deserved a more heartfelt response from Cody.

The video, viewed millions of times, captured Cody’s unique vow, culminating in him proudly proclaiming, “We’ve made it this long.”

Critics suggested that Cody’s lack of serious vows reflected poorly on his commitment to the marriage.

In contrast, Kaitlin’s emotional vows, expressing their journey and love, received praise.

However, opinions varied, and one of the bride’s friends defended the couple, emphasizing the love witnessed in their relationship.

While online reactions were harsh, some acknowledged the limited context provided and urged caution in judging the entire relationship based on a single wedding moment.

The incident brought to mind a similar viral video earlier in the year where a groom, Michael Lentini, faced criticism for his unconventional vows, further highlighting the diverse and often polarizing nature of wedding vows in the digital age.

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Crafting personalized wedding vows can be a challenge for those grappling with expressing their emotions.

A Kentucky couple, Kaitlin Brooks and Cody Sheehan, found themselves in the limelight due to the groom’s unconventional vows in 2023, sparking a wave of criticism.

Videographer Samuel Foree shared a TikTok clip capturing the moment when Cody, prompted to share his vows after Kaitlin, humorously pledged, “I promise to smack that a– every chance I get.”

Laughter ensued, but when asked to elaborate, Cody simply replied, “That’s all I got.”

The officiant, seemingly shocked, questioned Cody’s decision, asking, “Is that it?” Cody, unprepared and without written vows, reiterated, “That’s what I’m going with.”

The TikTok video gained over nine million views, with users either stitching the clip to showcase more heartfelt vows or expressing shock and disappointment in the comment section.

Commenters questioned Cody’s inability to conjure meaningful vows in the moment, with some suggesting the bride’s disappointment.

Criticism intensified as users compared this incident to a previous viral video where another groom, Michael, shared unconventional vows, emphasizing physical intimacy and cooking requirements.

In Michael’s case, the crowd reacted with groans and laughter.

The TikTok clip, viewed over 18 million times, drew criticism for the groom’s vows, with many questioning the choice of such explicit content during a wedding ceremony.

The video concluded with the officiant, Michael’s mother, jokingly grounding him.

Both instances underscore the diverse reactions online, showcasing the polarizing nature of unconventional wedding vows.

TikTok users quickly declared Cody as a controversial figure, with some deeming his vows the worst in history.

Additional footage from the wedding, including Kaitlin’s heartfelt vows and a peculiar speech from Cody’s high school girlfriend, raised concerns among viewers.

While Cody laughed off the situation, the internet’s collective response portrayed him as a divisive character.

Despite the sympathy expressed for Kaitlin, doubts about the marriage’s longevity surfaced, with commenters speculating on its potential short duration.

The episode highlights the internet’s ability to scrutinize and critique wedding moments, shaping perceptions and opinions on social media.