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Brother Panic, a self-professed metaphysical and occult teacher renowned as a spiritualist among his followers, has reportedly left the physical realm.

While the circumstances of his departure remain shrouded in mystery, multiple social media platforms have confirmed his demise, prompting an outpouring of tributes.

Panic cultivated a devoted following through teachings rooted in the paranormal domain.

On his platform, Occult Lectures, he identified himself as a metaphysical and occult teacher facilitating “spiritual growth” via online lectures on platforms such as Blogtalk Radio and YouTube.

In addition to his teachings, Panic offered what he considered a magical herb, emphasizing its significance in spiritual work related to the third eye.

This product was presented as an essential tool for those seeking profound spiritual experiences.

The date of Panic’s passing remains uncertain, but his final video on Instagram was shared on September 1, 2023.

In the video, he seemed upbeat, addressing followers’ inquiries pertaining to the occult, leaving an indelible impression before his departure.

His former co-host, Asaru Alim El-Bey, confirmed Panic’s transition and urged love and recognition for the impact Panic had on the earthly plane.

Alim El-Bey emphasized Panic’s substantial influence in both the spiritual and physical realms.

Brother Panic, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, gained popularity as a prolific occult teacher and author.

His written works, including “The Origin of Occult Civilization, Volume One; Hollywood,” contributed to his influential standing in the occult community.

Panic was wedded to Khadijah Samedi, described as an oracle reader specializing in occult readings and spiritual consultations.

The couple’s joint endeavors added depth to their spiritual teachings.

Following Panic’s transition, numerous followers expressed grief on various social media platforms.

Descriptions of him as a “master teacher” and acknowledgments of his profound teachings flooded platforms like Facebook.

A friend of Panic, Devon Harris, confirmed the occult teacher’s passing and shared a tribute video commemorating Panic’s life.

Expressing shock, Harris conveyed love and respect for Brother Panic’s impactful journey.

Despite the community mourning Brother Panic’s sudden departure, details surrounding the circumstances of his death remain elusive, adding an element of uncertainty to the grieving process.

brother panic fast facts

brother panic

Brother Panic’s teachings left an indelible mark on numerous followers, impacting their spiritual journeys significantly.

Metaphysical and Occult Approach: Renowned as a metaphysical and occult instructor, Brother Panic gained a dedicated following through his unique approach, resonating with seekers on their spiritual quests.

Occult Lectures Platform: Operating on his website, “Occult Lectures,” Panic guided individuals on paths of spiritual growth through online lectures on platforms such as Blogtalk Radio and YouTube.

Unclear Circumstances of Passing: The circumstances surrounding Brother Panic’s passing remain unclear, confirmed through social media tributes, leaving followers mourning without clarity on his age.

Marriage to Khadijah Samedi: Panic was wedded to Khadijah Samedi, a notable oracle reader specializing in occult readings and spiritual consultations.

However, details about his educational background remain undisclosed.

Renowned Occult Teacher: Hailing from Atlanta, Brother Panic gained fame as an occult teacher, authoring notable works such as “The Origin of Occult Civilization, Volume One; Hollywood.”

Contributions to Occult Knowledge: Through his writings, Panic delved into the depths of occult knowledge, earning recognition and interest from seekers of esoteric wisdom.

Offering a Special Herb: Apart from teachings, Panic provided a unique herb believed to possess magical properties, emphasizing its role in enhancing third-eye spiritual work.

Final Instagram Video: While the precise date of his passing remains uncertain, Panic’s last Instagram video, posted on September 1, 2023, showcased him in high spirits, passionately addressing followers’ occult-related queries.

Confirmation by Co-Host and Friend: His former co-host, Asaru Alim El-Bey, confirmed Brother Panic’s passing, expressing heartfelt sentiments about his influence both in the physical and potentially spiritual realms.

Devon Harris, a friend, also confirmed the news through a tribute video.

Impactful Tributes: Tributes have poured in from students and admirers, expressing gratitude for the profound transformations, spiritual awakenings, and personal growth experienced under Brother Panic’s guidance.

Net Worth Estimate: Brother Panic’s estimated net worth ranged between $1-$5 million, reflecting the financial success he achieved through his occult teachings and related endeavors.