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baba maharaj satarkar biography

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baba maharaj satarkar biography 3

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Spiritual Icon: Baba Maharaj Satarkar was a revered figure known for his kirtans and speeches, considered the epitome of spiritualism and devotion.

Varkari Pillar: He played a pivotal role in the Varkari sect, a devotional cult centered around Lord Vitthal.

Long-Standing Influence: For over six decades, Baba Maharaj Satarkar contributed significantly to social enlightenment and spirituality.

Global Impact: His profound influence extended beyond India’s borders, earning him accolades for enriching Marathi culture and literature.

Triple Honors: Recognized for his crucial contributions, he received several honors acknowledging his role in spiritual and cultural realms.

Personal Wealth: Both his personal and professional lives were marked by prosperity and abundance.

Early Devotion: Born Neelkanth Dnyaneshwar Gore, Baba Maharaj embraced spiritual teachings from a young age, fostering a heritage of kirtan and preaching.

Family Legacy: Carrying forward a 135-year legacy, Baba Maharaj continued the family tradition of kirtan and preaching.

Educational Journey: He pursued postgraduate law studies after completing his initial schooling, aligning his spiritual calling with academic pursuits.

Cultural Heritage: Baba Maharaj contributed significantly to the Varkari sect’s cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of kirtan and devotion.

Musical Training: Initiated into classical singing at age 11, he received training from renowned figures like Latafat Hussain Khan Saheb Purohitbuwa of the Agra Gharana.

Passing of the Torch: Following the teachings of Appamaharaj and Annamaharaj, Baba Maharaj Satarkar began singing kirtans at the tender age of eight.

Legacy Continuation: He perpetuated the teachings of Appamaharaj after his passing in 1962, maintaining the family’s spiritual legacy.

Social Initiatives: Baba Maharaj initiated the Kirtan Week in saints’ villages in 1983, contributing to social enlightenment through devotional practices.

Addiction Liberation: Through the Varkari sect, he liberated around 15 lakh individuals from addiction, emphasizing the transformative power of devotion.

Philanthropic Ventures: He founded the ‘Chaitanya Spiritual Knowledge Propagation Society,’ offering free medical services and drugs to thousands of followers.

Accolades: Awarded the ‘Mr.’ award in 1983, Baba Maharaj’s contributions were widely recognized in the spiritual and cultural spheres.

Wife and Musical Partner: Married to Rukmini Satarkar, also known as Mai Satarkar, a talented kirtanist and vocalist who collaborated with him on numerous occasions.

Vaari’s Specialty: He enhanced the ancient Pandharpur Wari Alandi Palkhi, adding Chaitanyadham Shri Kshetra Dudhivere to its route.

Inclusive Pilgrimage: The Vaari involved people from all provinces and castes, fostering unity and equality in the spirit of devotion.

Communal Healthcare: Baba Maharaj promoted communal health care through various activities, including lectures, kirtans, and health services during pandhaari.

Annual Activities: The schedule included activities like Kakra, Bhupali, Nityapath, Panchpadi Bhajan, Namdhun, Haripath, and Aarti, creating a rich spiritual calendar.

Free Lodging: Palkhi Sohliaboro provided free lodging for 1000 Varkari devotees every year during Phaltan Yatra.

Medical Outreach: Specialized physicians offered free eye exams and distributed glasses to Varkari Mauli followers during Phaltan Yatra.

Gathering of Devotees: Lakhs of Varkaris and residents gathered annually to participate in various events, including Saswad, Valhe, Bhandi Shegaon, and Pandhari Mukkami Kirtan.

baba maharaj satarkar fast facts

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baba maharaj satarkar biography

Passing of a Luminary: On October 26, 2023, Maharashtra bid farewell to the eminent figure Baba Maharaj Satarkar, a luminary in the spiritual and cultural realms, who passed away at the age of 89.

Varakari Stalwart: A stalwart in the Varakari Sampradaya, a devotional sect centered around Lord Vitthal, Baba Maharaj Satarkar played a pivotal role in shaping the spiritual landscape.

Decades of Enlightenment: For over six decades, his kirtans and pravachans served as a guiding light for spiritual and social enlightenment, leaving an indelible mark on Maharashtra’s cultural heritage.

Global Recognition: His profound influence extended beyond India, earning him numerous accolades for his substantial contributions to Marathi culture and literature.

Remembering a Soul: Today, we reflect on the life of this remarkable soul whose divine wisdom and devotion touched the lives of countless individuals.

Rich Family Life: Baba Maharaj Satarkar’s family life mirrored the richness of his professional pursuits. He was married to Rukmini Satarkar, affectionately known as Mai Satarkar, an accomplished kirtankar and singer.

Musical Collaboration: Mai Satarkar, a constant presence in his kirtans, was also a skilled solo performer with a deep understanding of Varakari literature, showcasing her talents in abhangs, bhajans, bhavgeets, and natyageets.

Composing Talent: Mai Satarkar had a flair for composing her own songs, contributing to the artistic legacy she shared with her husband. Unfortunately, she passed away on February 5, 2023, at the age of 86.

Artistic Offspring: The couple’s four children inherited their artistic talents, with each excelling in both medical and musical professions.

Dr. Shrikant Satarkar: The eldest son, Dr. Shrikant Satarkar, is a doctor and kirtankar managing a hospital in Pune, performing kirtans alongside his wife, Dr. Shubhada Satarkar.

Pramod Satarkar: The second son, Pramod Satarkar, an engineer and kirtankar, resides in Mumbai, conducting kirtans with his wife, Shilpa Satarkar, an architect and singer.

Dr. Smita Gore: The elder daughter, Dr. Smita Gore, a doctor and singer, performs kirtans in Pune with her husband, Dr. Dhananjay Gore, also a doctor and singer.

Dr. Anjali Kulkarni: The younger daughter, Dr. Anjali Kulkarni, a doctor and singer, performs kirtans in Mumbai with her husband, Dr. Prashant Kulkarni, who is also a doctor and a singer.

Gondhali Caste Roots: Belonging to the Gondhali caste, a nomadic community of musicians and singers in Maharashtra, Baba Maharaj Satarkar was born as Nilkanth Dnyaneshwar Gore on February 5, 1936, in the Satara district.

Musical Heritage: His father, Jnaneshwar Dada Gore, was an accomplished mrudang player, and the family had a 135-year tradition of performing Varakari kirtans.

Early Training: Baba Maharaj Satarkar began his training under his father at the age of eight, marking the initiation of a musical and spiritual journey.

Versatile Education: Despite studying in English medium up to S.S.C. and pursuing law briefly, his heart was devoted to kirtans, leading him to change his name to Baba Maharaj Satarkar.

Classical Roots: Besides kirtans, he had a strong foundation in classical music, studying under Purushottam Bua Agra Gharana and Latafat Hussain Khan Saheb.

Spiritual Turning Point: In 1962, he took a significant turn in his spiritual journey, receiving initiation from Shri Sadguru Dadamaharaj Satarkar at the sacred site of Pandharpur, the abode of Lord Vitthal.