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The disturbing trend of video leaks continues, with the latest individual affected being Ayesha Akram, the survivor of the Minar-i-Pakistan harassment incident, who had previously faced threats to her life.

The leaked video featuring TikToker Ayesha Akram has circulated widely on the internet, leading to condemnation from netizens and activists.

Calls to halt the dissemination of the alleged private clip have been fervent.

In the viral footage, Ayesha Akram is seen on a video call, engaging in explicit content for the other participant.

The person on the receiving end recorded the screen and subsequently leaked the video online.

While the authenticity of the viral clip has not been independently verified, it has already been extensively shared on various platforms.

The video has sparked a diverse range of reactions, reigniting concerns about blatant violations of privacy rights that often go unaddressed.

ayesha akram fast facts

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Pakistani TikTok personality Ayesha Akram faced significant online scrutiny when a purportedly recorded video call of hers circulated widely on social media platforms.

On Monday, the online community in Pakistan was abuzz as Ayesha Akram’s video surfaced, gaining viral attention.

The renowned Pakistani TikToker found herself in the spotlight as the alleged video spread rapidly.

The leaked footage depicted Ayesha Akram engaged in a video call, where she disrobed and had a lively conversation with the other person.

Reports suggest the full video lasted around 8 minutes, and Pakistani users extensively shared the clip across various social media channels.

Born on December 9, 1984, Ayesha Akram is 39 years old as of 2023 and stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

She has chosen to keep her educational and family details private.

Ayesha Akram, a well-known TikTok creator and a nurse by profession, has faced controversies before.

In 2021, she made international headlines when she and her crew were assaulted by a mob of over 400 men at Minar-e-Pakistan while filming a video for Pakistan’s Independence Day.

The footage showed Akram holding both the Indian and Pakistani flags, sparking anger in the crowd.

Despite controversies, Ayesha Akram maintains a notable presence on Instagram with approximately 98.5K followers.

Regarding the release of her video, speculation among Pakistani YouTubers suggests that Akram may have intentionally circulated it herself.

However, these claims lack concrete evidence, leaving room for the possibility that the viral video could be fabricated or generated through deepfake AI technology.

Ayesha Akram is estimated to have a net worth ranging between $100k to $200k.