Arun Mashetty Wife, Daughter, Family, Fast Facts

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Arun Srikanth Mashetty, captivating audiences on Bigg Boss 17, is renowned for his YouTube channel, Achanak Bayanak Gaming.

Earns the moniker “Prince of Charminar.”

Hyderabad-based YouTuber, he shares gaming videos, vlogs with his wife, engaging in pranks, and more on his channel.

Recent revelations about his wife, Malak, being a foreigner stirred curiosity among Bigg Boss 17 viewers.

Commands a substantial online presence with 3.5 lakh YouTube subscribers and over 9 lakh Instagram followers.

Gained recognition through humorous content and gaming videos, marking his TV debut with Bigg Boss 17.

Born on October 23 in Hyderabad, Arun completed his education at Jain Heritage School.

A 25-year-old family man, residing in Hyderabad with his wife and daughter.

Disclosed his wife’s foreign origins on Bigg Boss 17, unraveling his marriage to Malak from Paris, France.

Tied the knot on March 15, 2021, and blessed with a daughter named Jury.

Showcases a regal lifestyle through YouTube vlogs, residing with his family in a lavish flat in Hyderabad.

YouTube content and social media highlight their affluent living.

Revels in a net worth of approximately Rs 5 crores, predominantly sourced from YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

A testament to his lucrative career and popularity in the digital realm.

Post-education pursuits led Arun to explore various avenues before finding his passion in YouTube and social media.

Initiated YouTube career in 2021, incorporating gaming videos, Omegle interactions, and entertaining prank videos with his wife.

Displays a profound love for travel, venturing into diverse cultures, foods, and languages across Europe, Africa, and more.

Arun’s penchant for exploration resonates in his captivating travel experiences.

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Religious Affiliation: Holds Islam as his faith, reflecting his religious beliefs.

Spousal Ties: Married to Malak Mashettey, sharing a life together.

Hyderabad Roots: Proudly hails from the vibrant city of Hyderabad.

Occupational Portfolio: Renowned YouTuber and Content Creator, making a mark in the digital realm.

Acclaimed for his YouTube channel, ‘Achanak Bayanak Gaming.’

Physical Attributes: Stands tall at approximately 185 cm or 6 feet 1 inch.

Displays captivating black eyes and matching black hair.

Personal Milestones: Celebrates his birthday on the 23rd of October, embracing the zodiac sign Libra.

Although age details are undisclosed, his dynamic online presence remains ageless.

Educational Background: Alumni of Jain Heritage A Cambridge School in Hyderabad.

Culinary Preferences: Adheres to a non-vegetarian food habit.

Matrimonial Bond: Entered the sacred bond of marriage with Malak Mashettey on the 15th of March 2021.

Family Dynamics: Shares parental ties with a daughter named Jury.

Maintains privacy regarding the identity of his father and mother.

Digital Triumph: Gains fame as the face behind ‘Achanak Bayanak Gaming,’ boasting a subscriber count of 290K on YouTube.

Varied Content Creation: Showcases live gaming sessions and engaging conversations with people worldwide on Omegle.

Extends his content creation to social media, where amusing moments with his wife unfold.

Reality Show Stint: Ventured into the reality TV realm, participating as a contestant in Bigg Boss 17 in 2023.

Habits and Lifestyle: Frequently captured indulging in smoking, both cigarettes and hookah.

Demonstrates a commitment to fitness, maintaining a rigorous gym routine.

In the Limelight: Embraces the spotlight with a multifaceted online persona, blending humor, gaming, and personal moments.