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Ali Askari is a Pakistani actor, director, writer, and producer, also serving as the executive director of MTV Pakistan.

He was born on August 8, 1987, in New York.

Ali Askari married actress Mahira Khan in 2007 and they have a son named Azlan Askari. They divorced in 2014.

His second marriage was to Zara Dadabhoy in 2017.

From 2001 to 2005, Askari attended the New York Film Academy and Los Angeles Film School.

In 2023, Ali Askari is 36 years old with a height of 5’7″ and weighs 55 kg.

He comes from a well-known family residing abroad. His father is a businessman, and his mother is a housewife.

Ali Askari started his career as a film and TV director, debuting with the short film “Dark All Around.”

His professional journey involved collaborations with notable actors like Paul Sorvino, Josh Helman, and Michael Kenneth Williams.

Currently, Ali Askari is the executive director of MTV Pakistan, overseeing daily operations.

Askari is a private individual who doesn’t share much about his personal life with the media.

In 2007, he married Mahira Khan, a renowned Pakistani actress known for her debut in the television drama “Humsafar” in 2011.

Mahira Khan is his first wife, an actress with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry.

She began her career as a VJ and gained fame with her role in “Humsafar.”

Ali Askari’s second marriage took place in 2017, and Zara Dadabhoy became his second wife.

Ali Askari and Mahira Khan share a son named Azlan Askari.

Ali Askari pursued education in film, attending renowned institutions like the New York Film Academy and Los Angeles Film School.

Initially, he worked as a film and TV director before transitioning to executive roles.

Ali Askari’s net worth is not publicly disclosed or reviewed.

His primary income source is associated with MTV, where he holds a prominent position.

While maintaining privacy, Askari has expressed pride in the success of his ex-wife, Mahira Khan.

Ali Askari is known for being a private person who doesn’t divulge much about his personal life.

He is happy to see Mahira Khan succeed in her career and has positive sentiments toward her achievements.

Askari doesn’t share extensive details about his personal life, keeping a low profile in the media.

Ali Askari’s involvement in philanthropy or charitable activities is not widely known.

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Ali Askari is a Pakistani actor, writer, and director, born on August 8, 1987, in New York and raised in Florida.

At the age of 36, he is known for his role as the ex-husband of renowned actress Mahira Khan.

Ali Askari pursued his education at the New York Film Academy and Los Angeles Film School from 2001 to 2005.

As a successful director, he has collaborated with numerous superstars in the showbiz industry.

Ali Askari serves as the head of MTV Pakistan, overseeing its operations.

Mahira Khan, a famous Pakistani actress and model, was Ali Askari’s first wife.

They got married in 2007 and later parted ways in 2014.

The couple first met in 2006 at the Indus TV Studio.

Mahira Khan faced opposition from her father regarding her marriage to Ali Askari.

In an interview, Mahira Khan shared insights into her struggles to establish a career in the showbiz industry.

After his divorce from Mahira Khan, Ali Askari married Zara Dadabhoy in 2017.

Zara Dadabhoy holds the position of a client sales manager at HBL.

Ali Askari and Mahira Khan have a son named Azlan.

Mahira often shares adorable pictures with their son Azlan on her social media accounts.

Ali Askari directed the short film “Dark All Around,” showcasing his directorial skills.

He collaborated with renowned actors like Paul Sorvino, Josh Helman, and Michael Kenneth Williams in his career.

Ali Askari holds the position of the head of MTV Pakistan, where he oversees its day-to-day operations.

Ali Askari is active on Instagram, where his handle is ali.askari_.

Mahira Khan’s ex-husband, Ali Askari, has been part of the challenges and successes in Mahira’s journey in the showbiz industry.

He is known for maintaining a private life and has not extensively shared details about his personal affairs.

Ali Askari is accessible on Instagram with the handle ali.askari_.

Ali Askari is recognized for his contributions to the entertainment industry and his association with MTV Pakistan.

Zara Dadabhoy, Ali Askari’s second wife, is a client sales manager at HBL.

Mahira Khan faced resistance from her father when deciding to marry Ali Askari.

Ali Askari maintains an active presence on Instagram, sharing glimpses of his life with followers.