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Introduction: Aina Asif is an emerging star in Pakistan, captivating audiences not only with her talent but also with her youthfulness.

Debut Year: Aina commenced her career in 2021 and, within two years, has displayed remarkable skill at a tender age.

Multifaceted Talent: Beyond acting, she is also recognized as a model, contributing to her versatility in the entertainment industry.

Mayi Ri Drama: Aina gained recent popularity for her role in the Mayi Ri Drama Cast.

Birth Date: Aina was born on January 1, 2009, making her 14 years old as of 2023.

Nationality: Born in Karachi, Pakistan.

Family Background: Hails from a respected family in Karachi; her father is a businessman, and her mother is a homemaker. She has a brother and a sister.

Educational Pursuits: Currently pursuing O-Levels with aspirations to study psychology for higher education.

Diverse Roles: Aina started her career with Pehli Si Muhabbat and gained recognition for her tomboyish character in Hum Tum.

Drama List: Notable dramas include Pehchaan, Pinjra, and Baby Baji.

Popular Drama Moment: Became famous for her role as a tomboyish sister in Hum TV’s Ramadan special, Hum Tum.

Educational Background: Completed early schooling in the United States.

Online Presence: Boasts a substantial online presence, collaborating with brands like Sunridge, AlKaram Studios, Stylo, and Scene On.

YouTube Success: Her BruceDropEmOff YouTube video went viral, contributing to her online fame.

Early Acting Ventures: Initially started with minor roles in TV shows before gaining prominence.

Breakthrough Role: Gained attention for her role in the show ‘Baby Baji.’

Digital Engagement: Active on Instagram under the username @raycondones, connecting with a broad audience.

Positive Influence: Aina’s roles portray strong, brave, and smart female characters, emphasizing the capabilities of girls and women.

Youthful Inspiration: Through her roles, Aina serves as an inspiration for young individuals pursuing their dreams with passion.

Role in Mayi Ri: Aina’s portrayal of a child bride in Mayi Ri Drama contributed to her recent popularity.

Educational Aspirations: Expresses a desire to pursue psychology in higher studies.

Creative Beginnings: Aina’s interest in acting originated from childhood, where she engaged in pretend play and performed for her family.

International Recognition: Gained recognition not only in Pakistan but also in other countries.

Aspirations in Psychology: Plans to contribute to the field of psychology through her higher education.

Instagram ID: Aina’s official Instagram ID is @ainaasifofficial, where she shares glimpses of her life and engages with her fans.

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Nationality: Pakistani

Date of Birth: January 1, 2009

Birthplace: Karachi, Pakistan

Profession: Actress, Model

Marital Status: Single

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Introduction: Aina Asif, a talented Pakistani actress and model, was born on January 1, 2009, in Karachi, Pakistan.

Debut Year: In 2021, she marked her acting debut and gained recognition for her role as ‘Milli’ in the popular Ramzan play ‘Hum Tum.’

Modeling Debut: Aina initiated her career in modeling with renowned brands, including a significant collaboration with Alkaram.

Personal Life: Aina, currently 14 years old, resides in Karachi. She belongs to a noble family, with her father being a businessman owning a car showroom, and her mother a housewife.

Siblings: Aina has a sister and a brother who are also active in the industry. Her brother was part of the show ‘Pehli Si Mohabbat.’

Marital Status: Unmarried, with no records of past relationships. She values her family, which has been a crucial support system in her journey.

Father’s Profession: Aina’s father is a successful businessman with ownership of a car showroom.

Career Debut: Aina’s acting journey began with the drama ‘Pehli Si Mohabbat,’ portraying the young version of Maya Ali’s character.

Recognition: Despite a short role, Aina received acclaim for her acting skills in her debut drama.

Career Progression: Subsequent dramas like ‘Badzaat,’ ‘Pinjra’ opposite Hadiqa Kiani and Omair Rana, contributed to her evolving career.

Breakthrough Role: The character ‘Milli’ in the Ramzan play ‘Hum Tum’ brought her widespread recognition, starring alongside prominent actors.

Aina starred in Pakistani dramas such as ‘Pehchaan’ (2022), ‘Pinjra’ (2022), ‘Baby Baji’ (2023), and ‘Mayi Ri’ (2023).

Career Passion: Aina developed a liking for the acting profession with her initial experiences and decided to pursue it further.

Admired Roles: Known for her roles in dramas like ‘Pehchaan,’ ‘Pinjra,’ and the special Ramzan play ‘Hum Tum.’

Online Presence: Aina actively engages with her audience on social media platforms, with a notable presence on Facebook and Instagram.