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Ahmad Shah, the endearing chubby kid from Pakistan who gained fame with the ‘peeche toh dekho’ meme, is now facing a heartbreaking tragedy as his baby sister, Ayesha, has passed away in 2023.

Known for his adorable shouts of “peeche toh dekho” to his uncle, Ahmad Shah has grown up but retained his charm, pursuing studies, and working as a child influencer on social media.

Ahmad, who shares glimpses of his life on Instagram with over 600 thousand followers, often features his two younger brothers and Ayesha, creating entertaining content that captivates the masses.

Despite the joyous online presence, Ahmad’s family recently encountered a sorrowful event that impacted both the family and their fanbase.

On November 23, 2023, Ahmad shared a heartbreaking story on Instagram, revealing that Ayesha had succumbed to health complications, urging followers to pray for her soul and the family.

Days before Ayesha’s passing, Ahmad and his uncle, Muhammad Daniyal Shah, took to Instagram and YouTube, seeking prayers for her recovery from a severe illness, but unfortunately, she couldn’t overcome it.

Ahmad Shah and Ayesha shared a special bond as she was his only sister, and their close relationship is evident in numerous pictures shared on Ahmad’s social media.

Ayesha, being the only daughter born after three boys, held a cherished place in the Shah family, receiving special attention and love.

Ahmad’s social media is filled with touching images of him lovingly holding Ayesha, reflecting the deep affection he had for his younger sister.

As Ahmad Shah and his family navigate this difficult time, heartfelt condolences are extended to them from all those who have followed and cherished their online journey.

ahmad shah fast facts

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ahmad shah sister

Ahmad Shah, widely recognized as “Pathan Ka Bacha,” is a charming viral sensation hailing from Pakistan, celebrated for his adorable demeanor.

The catalyst for Ahmad’s fame was a TikTok video where he cutely exclaimed, “Piche Dekho Piche,” quickly capturing the hearts of viewers on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Renowned personalities on TikTok embraced Ahmad’s audio, engaging in lip-sync performances that significantly contributed to his widespread popularity.

Ahmad, also known for his endearing “golu molu” appearance, has become a beloved figure in the online world, prompting curiosity about his background.

Ahmad Shah’s real name is Peer Ahmed Shah, and he goes by the nicknames “Khan Sab” and “Pathan Ka Bacha,” reflecting his cultural identity.

The young sensation gained fame at an early age, being born in 2011, making him 12 years old as of 2023.

However, specific details about his birth date remain undisclosed by his family.

Dera Ismail Khan, located in Pakistan, is where Ahmad resides with his family, providing a glimpse into his upbringing and surroundings.

Ahmad’s nationality is Pakistani, and he follows the Islamic faith, belonging to the Pathan caste.

Despite the lack of recorded physical measurements, Ahmad Shah’s distinctive feature includes his brown hair, adding to his overall charm.

Ahmad’s initial video, shot in school by his teacher, showcased him assertively claiming, “Oye Ye Mera Basta Hai,” translating to “Hey, This Is My Bag” in English, and quickly went viral.

Encouraged by the success of his first video, Ahmad’s family continued to capture and share his adorable moments, each contributing to his growing online presence.

Ahmad’s rising popularity led to an invitation to appear on the Pakistani show “Good Morning Pakistan,” further solidifying his status as a social media sensation.

In addition to his online success, Ahmad Shah became associated with the endorsement of the milk brand “Purelait,” expanding his presence beyond the digital realm.

The lovable “Pathan Ka Bacha” continues to captivate audiences with his cute expressions and endearing mannerisms, leaving an indelible mark on the world of viral sensations.