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UFC play-by-play commentator Jon Anik injected some humor in 2024 into the unexpected release of a leaked sex tape featuring former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Anik shared the incident during the first 2024 episode of the “Anik & Florian” podcast, leaving co-host Kenny Florian in stitches.

In the podcast, Anik recalled the time when he awarded Tyron Woodley the “hottest male fighter of the year” title and playfully considered wearing his Tyron Woodley UFC welterweight champion T-shirt in light of the recent news.

Florian, taken aback by the unexpected topic, responded with laughter, admitting he didn’t see it coming.

Amid the laughs, Jon Anik expressed his respect for Tyron Woodley, stating, “All I will say, I had buckets of respect for T-Wood before what some of you might have seen, and now I have even more respect for my man, T-Wood.”

Despite the viral incident, Woodley remains focused on his fighting career, expressing a desire for another lucrative bout.

One idea he proposed is a rematch with Jake Paul, but this time under MMA rules.

The onset of 2024 didn’t bring good fortune for Tyron Woodley, who woke up to the unfortunate news of a leaked sex tape circulating online on New Year’s Day.

The MMA star found his name trending across social media platforms, with fans from the MMA community sharing their reactions to the explicit content.

Woodley faced a barrage of messages and mentions, with Jake Paul seizing the opportunity to humorously comment, “All my opponents eat good.”

The ensuing comments followed a similar humorous tone, featuring sexual play on words and jests about Woodley’s fighting record.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, the MMA community showcased a blend of humor and banter in response to the incident.

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Tyron Woodley, born on April 7, 1982, is an American professional MMA fighter with a height of 5’9″.

Recent news surrounding Tyron Woodley’s alleged leaked explicit video has generated considerable attention, with UFC commentator Jon Anik providing a humorous take on the situation during the “Anik & Florian” podcast.

In light of the viral incident, Anik, along with co-host Kenny Florian, found comedic relief in discussing Woodley’s past recognition as the “hottest male fighter of the year.”

Anik humorously contemplated wearing his Tyron Woodley UFC welterweight champion T-shirt, emphasizing his continued respect for Woodley despite the controversy.

2024 began on a challenging note for Tyron Woodley, as he woke up to the internet buzz about a leaked sex tape on New Year’s Day.

The MMA star faced a barrage of messages and mentions, with Jake Paul taking the opportunity to humorously comment on the situation.

Tyron Woodley’s fighting career, marked by a three-fight losing skid, faced uncertainty until he made a comeback against Vicente Luque.

Luque dominated Woodley in the co-main event of UFC 260, securing a late submission victory.

Woodley’s early life and career saw him as an accomplished amateur wrestler, winning the Missouri 4A Men’s State Championship in 2000.

He continued wrestling in college, becoming a two-time All-American.

The MMA journey for Woodley began in 2006 as an amateur, transitioning to the professional scene in 2009 with notable victories.

His Strikeforce debut included a win against Sal Woods, and he later contended for the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship against Nate Marquardt.

Upon joining the UFC in 2013, Woodley achieved success, ultimately becoming the UFC Welterweight Champion by defeating Robbie Lawler.

He defended the title successfully but faced setbacks, leading to his release from the UFC after consecutive losses.

Woodley’s transition to boxing featured a match against Jake Paul, which he lost via decision in August 2021.

His MMA record includes significant wins and losses, with his last four UFC fights resulting in defeats.

Popular fights like Tyron Woodley vs. Kamaru Usman and Tyron Woodley vs. Vicente Luque showcased both triumphs and challenges in his career.

As of March 2021, Tyron Woodley officially retired from MMA, concluding a career that began in college wrestling and led to his recognition as the Strikeforce Rising Star of the Year in 2010.

Raised as the 11th child in a family of 13 kids, Tyron Woodley’s fighting journey made a significant impact on the world of MMA.