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Suzanne Marie Somers was born on October 16, 1946, in San Bruno, California.

She is the third-born among her four siblings to parents Frank and Marion Mahoney.

Suzanne’s mother, Marion Mahoney, worked as a medical secretary, while her father, Frank, was employed as a beer loader on a boxcar.

Diagnosed with dyslexia in her early years, Suzanne faced academic challenges but excelled in art and acting.

Despite academic struggles, Suzanne actively participated in her school’s theater program, showcasing her artistic talents.

Suzanne Somers received a music scholarship to college, but her life took a turn when she became pregnant and married the child’s father.

Full Name: Suzanne Marie Somers

Nickname: The Queen of the Jiggles

Birth Date: October 16, 1946

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 5′ 5″

Relationship Status: Married

Net Worth: $100 million

1967 – Somers Starts Modeling: She began modeling in San Francisco to support her son.

1968 – Somers Becomes a Prize Model: Awarded a job as a prize model at a game show hosted by Alan Hamel, who later became her husband.

The 1970s – Somers Gets Minor Roles: Landed minor roles in television shows, leading to a breakthrough role in the TV series “Three’s Company” in 1976.

The 1990s – Somers Becomes a Co-Host: Secured a role in the TV series “Step By Step” and later became a co-host in the TV series “Candid Camera” in 1992.

Great Host: Nominated as an outstanding host for the travel program “The Suzanne Show.”

Great Mom: Raised her son as a single mom and pursued modeling to provide for him.

Persistent Spirit: Despite life’s challenges, Suzanne demonstrated persistence in building a good life for her child.

Emmy Award Nomination: Nominated for an Emmy Award as an outstanding host for “The Suzanne Show.”

People’s Choice Award Winner: Won the People’s Choice Award twice, first in 1978 and again in 1992.

Diagnosis of Dyslexia: Diagnosed with dyslexia during her early years.

Abortion Decision: Faced a challenging decision to have an abortion after becoming pregnant while Alan Hamel was still married.

Marital Infidelity: Experienced challenges in her first marriage, leading to an affair with her former drama teacher.

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Birth Name: Suzanne Marie Mahoney

Birth Place: San Bruno, California, United States

Profession: Actor, Author, Singer, Model, Entrepreneur, Pitchman

Charlie’s Angels Connection: Was the initial choice for the role of Jill Munroe on Charlie’s Angels, which eventually went to Farrah Fawcett.

Authored two autobiographies: “Keeping Secrets” (1988) and “After the Fall: How I Picked Myself Up, Dusted Myself Off, and Started All Over Again” (1998).

Poetry Publication: Published a collection of poetry titled “Touch Me: The Poems of Suzanne Somers” (1980) and several self-help books.

People’s Choice Awards: Won two People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Female Performer in a New TV Series, in 1977 for “Three’s Company” and 1991 for “Step by Step.”

Entrepreneurship: Founded the Suzanne Somers Institute for the Effects of Addictions on Families in 1990.

USO Performances: Actively performed as a member of the USO.

Broadway Debut: Made her Broadway debut in the 2005 one-woman show “The Blonde in the Thunderbird,” based on her autobiographies.

ThighMaster Spokeswoman: Served as the spokeswoman for the ThighMaster.

Family Ties:
Alan Hamel: Husband
Bruce Somers: Ex-husband

Frank Mahoney: Father
Marion Mahoney: Mother

Danny Mahoney: Brother
Maureen Gilmartin: Sister

Bruce Somers Jr.: Son
Stephen Hamel: Stepson
Leslie Hamel: Stepdaughter