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Sam Altman, born on April 22, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, is a notable investor and entrepreneur recognized for founding companies such as OpenAI, Hydrazine Capital, Loopt, Tools for Humanity, AltC Acquisition Corp., and Apollo.

He served as the president of Y Combinator from 2014 to 2019.

Altman’s early life saw him raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where he attended the John Burroughs School.

Although he initially studied computer science at Stanford University, Altman dropped out in 2005 to establish Loopt.

He received an honorary doctor of engineering degree from the University of Waterloo in 2017.

Loopt, founded in 2005, was a location-sharing service for mobile phones.

Despite initially gaining popularity and securing deals with major carriers, the company faltered over time and was eventually acquired by Green Dot Corporation in 2012 for $43.4 million.

In 2012, Sam Altman co-founded Hydrazine Capital with his brother, Jack Altman.

The venture investment firm, initially raising $21 million, witnessed significant growth, making investments in companies like ValueBase, Zenefits, BuildZoom, Verbling, and Soylent.

Altman joined Y Combinator in 2011 as a part-time partner and became its president in February 2014, succeeding Paul Graham.

He later assumed the role of president of YC Group, overseeing Y Combinator, YC Continuity, and YC Research.

Altman stepped down as president in May 2019 but remains involved as chairman.

Serving as interim CEO of Reddit for eight days in November 2014, Altman briefly navigated the leadership transition between Yishan Wong and Ellen Pao.

OpenAI, founded by Altman in December 2015, gained prominence as an AI research company dedicated to benefiting humanity.

OpenAI developed the GPT series, with GPT-3 released in June 2020, showcasing advanced text-generation capabilities.

Altman became CEO of OpenAI in May 2019.

Altman testified before the United States Senate in May 2023, advocating for regulatory oversight of AI technology to address potential risks.

In November 2023, Altman departed from OpenAI’s Board of Directors.

In 2019, Altman co-founded Tools for Humanity, launching the Worldcoin project in 2021.

Worldcoin aims to create a universal basic income (UBI) system using digital identity verification through a scanning device called the Orb.

Altman’s involvement in various ventures includes Project Covalence, which focused on supporting COVID-19 clinical trials, and Apollo, an investment fund financing forward-thinking “moonshot” startups.

AltC Acquisition Corp., founded in July 2021, is a special-purpose acquisition company that merged with nuclear energy company Oklo in July 2023.

Sam Altman has made investments in several notable companies, including Patreon, Instacart, Neuralink,, Stripe, and Cerebras.

Altman’s achievements have garnered recognition, such as being named one of the “Best Young Entrepreneurs in Technology” by BusinessWeek in 2008 and earning a spot on Forbes’ list of top investors under 30 in 2015.

GLAAD honored Altman in September 2017 with the Ric Weiland Award for his contributions to LGBTQ acceptance in the tech industry.

Altman was listed on the TIME100 list in April 2023 and featured on the cover of Time in June 2023 as part of OpenAI’s inclusion in the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list.

In September 2023, Altman was honored on the TIME100 AI list, recognizing the 100 most influential people in the field of artificial intelligence.

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sam altman sister

Meet Sam Altman, the former CEO of OpenAI, who, at 38 as of 2023, has an intriguing life story and a diverse career journey.

Sam Altman stepped down as the CEO of OpenAI on November 17, 2023, after four years in the role.

Prior to OpenAI, Altman was the president of the startup accelerator Y Combinator in Silicon Valley.

Mira Murati, OpenAI’s chief technology officer, has taken on the role of interim CEO following Altman’s departure.

Altman’s exit from OpenAI was prompted by the board’s loss of confidence in his leadership and communication.

He began learning to code at the age of 8 and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.

Altman, a gay man, found solace and community in AOL chat rooms during his adolescence.

He attended John Burroughs School in St. Louis and publicly came out as gay during his time there.

Altman studied computer science at Stanford University but dropped out after two years to co-found the mobile app Loopt.

Loopt, an early location-sharing app, was part of Y Combinator’s first batch and eventually sold for $43 million in 2012.

Altman founded the venture fund Hydrazine Capital, raising $21 million and investing 75% in Y Combinator companies.

In 2014, Altman succeeded Paul Graham as the president of Y Combinator at the age of 28.

Altman taught a lecture series at Stanford titled “How to Start a Startup” in 2014.

Forbes listed Altman on its 30 Under 30 list for venture capital in 2015.

Altman co-founded OpenAI with Elon Musk in 2015, aiming to ensure the safe development of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Altman, along with other tech luminaries, pledged $1 billion to fund OpenAI.

Following the 2016 election, Altman engaged with 100 Trump supporters to understand their perspectives.

Altman stepped down as Y Combinator president in March 2019 to focus on OpenAI.

He advocated for the creation of a government agency to license advanced AI projects during a Senate hearing in 2023.

Altman expressed concerns about the EU’s proposed AI Act but later clarified that OpenAI has no plans to leave Europe.

He has been actively involved in AI regulation discussions, meeting with leaders in Europe.

Altman launched a cryptocurrency project called Worldcoin in 2021, focusing on iris scanning for universal access.

Under Altman’s leadership, OpenAI released generative AI tools like DALL-E and ChatGPT to the public.

OpenAI introduced a subscription plan, ChatGPT Plus, for $20 a month in 2021.

Altman invested $375 million in nuclear fusion startup Helion Energy in 2022.

Altman expressed reservations about people forming deep connections with AI, emphasizing the importance of human relationships.

Altman’s diverse experiences, from entrepreneurship to AI advocacy, have shaped his impact on the tech industry.