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The former U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, has been married to Nancy Kissinger since 1972.

Nancy, standing at 6 feet tall, is Henry Kissinger’s second wife, with his first marriage being to Ann Fleischer.

The centenarian Henry Kissinger celebrated his 100th birthday in May 2023, while Nancy Kissinger is 89 years old.

Henry Kissinger and Nancy Maginnes tied the knot in 1972 in Arlington, Virginia, with Kissinger already holding the position of Secretary of State, as reported in the New York Times.

The announcement of their marriage was made by former Governor Nelson Rockefeller, and the couple honeymooned in Acapulco.

Nancy Kissinger, at the time of their marriage, was 39 years old and worked for Rockefeller at the Commission on Critical Choices for Americans, focusing on foreign policy issues.

She is the daughter of Albert Bristol Maginnes.

Nancy Kissinger testified at a trial related to her friend Brooke Astor’s will, discussing their friendship and Astor’s 100th birthday party, where she believed Astor didn’t recognize her.

Nancy Kissinger once faced assault charges in 1982 and was acquitted, earning the nickname “Bruiser” Nancy.

The accusation involved an incident at Newark airport where she was accused of throttling a woman who insulted her husband, Henry.

Kissinger’s first marriage to Ann Fleischer, with whom he had two children, ended in divorce.

Nancy Kissinger, as Henry’s second wife, has occasionally made headlines over the years.

The couple has weathered the challenges of public life, and Nancy has played a role in Henry Kissinger’s significant diplomatic career.

The marriage between Henry and Nancy Kissinger marked a prominent chapter in the diplomatic landscape, as it occurred while he held a key governmental position.

Their relationship has endured for decades, with Nancy providing support throughout Kissinger’s impactful career.

The longevity of their marriage reflects a strong bond between the two, navigating the complexities of public and private life.

Nancy Kissinger’s association with former Governor Nelson Rockefeller showcases her involvement in political and diplomatic circles.

The Kissinger couple’s honeymoon in Acapulco added a touch of romance to their union, as revealed in their wedding announcement.

Despite the occasional tabloid attention, Henry and Nancy Kissinger have maintained a resilient and enduring partnership.

Nancy Kissinger’s testimony in the Brooke Astor trial shed light on the socialite’s life and the intricacies of their friendship.

The acquittal of assault charges against Nancy Kissinger in 1982 brought a brief period of sensationalism to the couple’s life.

The diverse experiences of the Kissinger couple, from diplomatic triumphs to personal challenges, have contributed to their compelling life story.

The tabloid headlines surrounding Nancy Kissinger have not overshadowed the significant contributions of Henry Kissinger to global diplomacy.

As a testament to enduring love and shared experiences, the marriage of Henry and Nancy Kissinger remains a notable chapter in the history of diplomatic and public figures.

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Nancy Sharon Kissinger, born on April 13, 1934, is an esteemed philanthropist residing in New York City, USA.

At the age of 89, Nancy is recognized for her contributions to philanthropy and her socialite status.

She was born in New York City, lived in New York City, NY, and Kent, Connecticut, USA.

Nancy is of Caucasian ethnicity, a female, and an American citizen, born under the zodiac sign Aries.

Her parents are Albert Bristol Maginnes (father) and Agnes McKinley (mother).

Nancy has two children, David Russell Maginnes and Bristol Maginnes.

Currently, Nancy is a widow, having been married to the late Henry Kissinger.

Nancy’s husband, Henry Kissinger, was a German-born scholar, statesman, and U.S. military veteran.

He passed away on November 29, 2023, at the age of 100 at their Connecticut home. The cause of death remains undisclosed.

Henry Kissinger was renowned for his role in shaping U.S. foreign policy and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

He served as a presidential appointee concurrently as national security adviser and secretary of state.

Nancy and Henry Kissinger shared a union of nearly 50 years after marrying on March 30, 1974.

Despite their enduring partnership, the couple did not have children together.

Henry had two children, Elizabeth and David, from his first marriage to Anneliese Fleischer.

Nancy’s early years unfolded in White Plains, New York, with siblings David Russell Maginnes and Bristol Maginnes.

She graduated from The Masters School in 1952 and pursued higher studies at Mount Holyoke College.

Nancy immersed herself in history, earning a Bachelor’s degree and laying the foundation for her intellectual legacy.

Before marrying Henry Kissinger, Nancy had a career as a trusted aide to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

She served as Kissinger’s researcher on a Rockefeller task force, establishing her influence in the political realm.

Nancy later became the director of international studies for Rockefeller’s Commission on Critical Choices for Americans.

She played a crucial role in shaping critical decisions for the nation, showcasing her dedication to public service.

Standing at 6 feet tall, Nancy has green eyes and white hair.

Her educational journey included studies at Harvard University.

Nancy Kissinger has been an influential figure, both in her personal life with Henry and her professional endeavors in philanthropy and public service.

The passing of Henry Kissinger marked a significant loss globally, with world leaders expressing condolences, and Nancy Kissinger continues to be recognized for her contributions.