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Jamie Ann Quisumbing Angeles, widely recognized as Janna Dominguez, is a versatile Filipino entertainer, known for her roles as an actress, host, and comedian.

Her breakthrough came with the portrayal of Maria in the television series Pepito Manaloto, a role that brought her considerable acclaim.

Janna initially entered the scene as a co-host on Wowowee and later participated in the adventurous reality show Pinoy Fear Factor.

As part of ABS-CBN’s elite circle, Star Magic, she decided not to renew her contract with the network, choosing instead to work exclusively with GMA Network, where she became a regular host and performer on I Laugh Sabado.

Despite starting as a freelance actress, Janna eventually inked an exclusive contract with GMA Network in 2010, strengthening her ties to the entertainment industry.

Her association with the network continued as she took on guest co-hosting duties on Take Me Out and joined the ensemble cast of Pepito Manaloto, gaining widespread recognition for her role as Maria.

Janna also featured in the cast of Endless Love, and although slated for the Sine Novela episode Bakit Kay Tagal ng Sandali?, the project was eventually canceled.

The actress’s journey into motherhood became a public topic, with her first pregnancy and subsequent baby’s birth garnering attention.

Tragedy struck as Janna shared the heartbreaking news of her firstborn, Yzabel Ablan’s passing on October 7, 2023, due to heart failure and a lung infection.

On October 9, 2023, she disclosed the details of Yzabel’s health struggles, indicating that she hadn’t shared her problems with anyone and succumbed to complications despite efforts to revive her.

Janna Dominguez is married to Mickey Ablan, and together they share four children: Yzabel, Micael, Juliann Gabriel, and Leon.

Yzabel’s demise occurred on the same day Janna and Mickey welcomed their fourth child, Leon, into the world.

Maintaining a private stance on her marital life, Janna has not extensively shared details with the media or on social platforms.

As of 2023, Janna Dominguez’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $1-5 million USD, based on available information.

Janna’s professional portfolio encompasses acting, hosting, and comedy, showcasing her versatility within the Filipino entertainment industry.

Regarding her nationality, Janna Dominguez is proudly Filipino.

The specifics of her ethnicity remain undisclosed and are currently under review.

janna dominguez fast facts

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Janna Dominguez shared the heartbreaking news of her daughter Yzabel Ablan’s passing on October 7, 2023, at the age of 20.

Janna, who is married to Mickey Ablan, took to Instagram to announce the sad event, sharing a poignant picture with Yzabel’s birthdate, November 30, 2002.

In the caption, she expressed the deep sorrow of losing Yzabel and invited well-wishers to attend the wake at La Pieta Funeral Homes, Angeles, Pampanga, from October 8 to October 12.

A subsequent post on October 9, 2023, revealed that Yzabel succumbed to heart failure and a lung infection, a condition Janna had not disclosed before her daughter’s untimely death.

The post detailed that Yzabel encountered breathing difficulties at her Manila condo and, despite multiple attempts at resuscitation, passed away.

Janna and Mickey Ablan have four children together: Yzabel, Caely, Gabby, and Leon.

Maintaining a private stance on personal matters, Janna is known to prefer privacy, especially regarding her family life.

Janna and Mickey’s third child, Gabby, was born on October 21, 2017, as revealed in a heartfelt Instagram post featuring the family.

On the very day Yzabel passed away, October 7, 2023, Janna joyfully announced the birth of her fourth child, Leon Ablan, through an Instagram post.

Mickey Ablan, Janna’s husband, was previously in a relationship with Iwa Moto, sparking rumors and accusations of Janna “kidnapping” Iwa’s boyfriend in 2011.

Denying any involvement in Iwa and Mickey’s previous relationship issues, Janna clarified that she entered the picture only after Iwa and Mickey were separated.

Janna and Mickey’s relationship became known to her when someone wrote about it in a newspaper, and she expressed a desire for both of them to get to know each other better.

Janna has been a part of TV shows like Haplos and That’s My Amboy, with the majority of her appearances on GMA Network.

Despite accusations and controversies, Janna Dominguez remains focused on her career in the entertainment industry, particularly within the GMA Network.