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Big Brother has returned with a bang, and after just one week on the air, the inaugural eviction of the season is upon us.

The risk looms large for Farida, the skilled makeup artist.

Farida, renowned for her makeup artistry, is poised to confront the initial public vote after garnering the most nominations from her fellow housemates.

This revelation unfolded in real-time during Big Brother: Late & Live, with Will Best serving as the messenger.

Throughout the season’s progression, the Big Brother participants will be assigned tasks, under the constant scrutiny of the watchful eye.

In the typical fashion, the housemates will cast their votes to nominate who they believe should face eviction, while viewers at home will wield the power to decide whom they wish to see ousted.

The anticipation builds as the show unveils more about Farida, one of the contenders in the Big Brother 2023 lineup, just as the curtain rises on the first eviction.

The question lingers: will Farida remain in contention for the coveted champion title throughout the six-week duration of the season?

Meet Farida:

Age: 50 as of 2023

Occupation: Makeup Artist

Hailing from: Wolverhampton

Farida, a 50-year-old entrant who stepped into the Big Brother house as the second contestant, has swiftly become a comedic standout.

In an intriguing interview, she expressed her pride in her identity and highlighted the underrepresentation of Asian women and culture on ITV.

Farida dispelled misconceptions about wearing a headscarf hindering opportunities, emphasizing that, for her, it has been quite the opposite—a source of confidence and numerous opportunities.

Her motivation for participating in the show is to debunk stereotypes about Muslims, asserting that they are “far from suppressed.”

She eagerly anticipates embracing all aspects of the Big Brother experience, aiming to live in the moment and cherish the fact that she is among the select few who made it into the house from thousands of applicants.

For those curious to follow her journey, Farida’s Instagram handle is @travellergypsyhairstylinmakeup.

However, patience may be required for acceptance, as her account is presently private due to ITV’s Duty of Care policy, which mandates the dormancy and privacy of the housemates’ social media accounts during the show’s duration.

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Farida, a prominent member of the 2023 Big Brother cast, has quickly become the talk of the show, sparking discussions among its patrons.

Farida, a dynamic makeup artist from Wolverhampton, injects a distinctive blend of humor and cultural pride into the Big Brother house.

As the second contestant, she has swiftly evolved into a comedic icon, captivating both fellow housemates and the audience.

Her decision to participate in Big Brother is rooted in addressing the underrepresentation of Asian women and culture on the ITV platform.

Proud of her identity, Farida aims to challenge stereotypes, particularly debunking the misconception that wearing a headscarf might impede opportunities.

Instead, she boldly asserts that embracing cultural symbols has opened doors and provided numerous opportunities.

Farida extends her mission beyond the confines of the Big Brother house.

She endeavors to convey a powerful message about the vibrancy and resilience of Muslims, countering stereotypes suggesting suppression.

Excited about showcasing that Muslim individuals lead vibrant, full lives, she approaches the competition with a mindset of embracing the moment.

As of her participation in Big Brother 2023, Farida is 50 years old.

Details about Farida’s parents, husband, marital status, and children remain undisclosed to the public.

At the time of her Big Brother stint, no information about Farida’s net worth was available.

As Farida navigates the complexities of the competition, her authenticity and confidence promise to leave a lasting impact on both fellow contestants and the viewing audience.