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Ducky Bhai, a renowned Pakistani YouTuber, has garnered fame through his distinctive content, particularly in the realm of roasting.

His humorous videos have become his signature style, attracting millions of subscribers on YouTube.

Real Name: Saad Ur Rehman

Nickname: Ducky Bhai

Age: Born on December 21, 1997, in Lahore, Pakistan

Profession: YouTuber

Education: Concept University in Lahore (Incomplete Graduation)

School: Bahria Town High School

College: Punjab Group of Colleges

Hobbies: Playing Games, Eating, and Sleeping

Awards: Pisa Award for Top YouTuber, YouTube Play Buttons

Instagram Followers: 618k

YouTube Channel Subscribers: 2.42M

Second Channel Subscribers: 1.26M

Twitter Followers: 174.1k

Facebook Page Likes: 242,948 Likes, 313,703 Followers

PUBG Mobile ID: Not DuckyBhai, ID=5193701583

Brother: Younger Brother Muneeb

Marital Status: Married

Wife: Aroob Jatoi

Ducky Bhai completed his Matric Studies at Lahore Bahria Town School, pursued his FA at Punjab Group Of Colleges, and eventually dropped out of Concept University in Lahore during his Computer Science course.

Ducky Bhai resides in Lahore, Pakistan, with his family. Originally from Japan, his family moved to Pakistan when he was eleven.

Ducky Bhai is a proud brother to Muneeb.

Saad Ur Rehman, popularly known as Ducky Bhai, is happily married to Aroob Jatoi, a charming personality embraced by his fans.

Ducky Bhai embarked on his YouTube journey in 2017, initially featuring gaming and roasting videos.

Over the years, he evolved into one of Pakistan’s most popular YouTubers, amassing over 3 million subscribers by 2022.

His achievements include receiving the PISA Award for Best YouTuber in 2020 and 2021.

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Ducky Bhai stands out as one of Pakistan’s most renowned YouTubers, known for his engaging content.

Renowned for his humorous roasting videos, he boasts a substantial YouTube following.

Born on 21 December 1997.

The real name of the accomplished YouTuber Ducky Bhai is Saad Ur Rehman.

Ducky Bhai’s educational journey took him from Japan to Pakistan.

After completing his FSC (Pre Engineering) at Punjab Group of Colleges in Lahore, he excelled academically.

Despite gaining admission to Comsats University, he opted to leave after the third semester to pursue a career on YouTube.

Ducky Bhai, also known as Saad ur Rehman, resides in Lahore with his family.

Their international journey includes a stint in Japan, where his father earned a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences.

Returning to Pakistan at the age of 11, Ducky Bhai has a younger brother named Muneeb.

In 2023, his sister’s wedding video gained viral attention on social media.

Saad ur Rehman, popularly known as Ducky Bhai, entered the institution of marriage with Aroob Jatoi.

The couple, admired for their charming personalities, received immense love from their fans.

Ducky Bhai embarked on his YouTube journey in 2017, initially featuring gaming and roasting videos.

By 2019, he had surpassed the one-million-follower mark, solidifying his status among Pakistan’s top YouTubers.

As of 2023, his YouTube channel boasts around 6 million subscribers.

Notably, Ducky Bhai received the prestigious PISA Award for Best YouTuber in both 2020 and 2021.