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Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson have parted ways.

The former couple, who began dating in 2021, announced the impending arrival of their first child during Keke’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” two years later.

Their son, Leodis (Leo), was born in February 2023.

However, their joy as new parents was short-lived.

Palmer and Jackson broke up after a public incident where he criticized her for wearing a provocative outfit.

Despite their on-again, off-again status, Palmer filed for full custody of Leo in November 2023, accusing Jackson of physical and emotional abuse.

Jackson, also known as Darius Daulton, is active in both the sports and entertainment industries.

Little is known about his early life.

He grew up playing multiple sports and attended Fresno State University on a football scholarship.

Jackson enjoys catching up on sleep and spending time with friends, family, or going to the movies.

Sarunas Jackson, the actor who played Alejandro “Dro” Peña on “Insecure,” is Darius’s older brother.

Before entering the entertainment world, Jackson pursued a career in sports media, earning a certificate in broadcasting.

He briefly ventured into YouTube, amassing 19,000 followers before taking down his page.

Jackson has teased acting projects on Instagram, including “Dawn of the Predator.”

Palmer and Jackson reportedly met at a Memorial Day party in 2021.

They officially confirmed their relationship on Instagram in August 2021.

Darius’s brother, Sarunas Jackson, played a role in the hit HBO show “Insecure.”

Prior to entertainment, Jackson considered a career in sports media.

He earned a certificate in broadcasting and reached 19,000 followers on his YouTube channel.

Jackson has shared glimpses of his acting projects on Instagram.

The couple initially kept their relationship private before going public on Instagram.

Jackson expressed gratitude for their relationship in a now-deleted post, thanking Palmer for being a blessing.

Palmer also shared a heartfelt video in October 2021, expressing her appreciation for Jackson as a safe space.

Their relationship came under scrutiny when Jackson publicly criticized Palmer for her outfit choices in July 2023.

Palmer filed for full custody of Leo in November 2023, citing abuse as the reason for their breakup.

Despite breakup reports in August 2023, Palmer claimed the relationship ended for good in October.

Palmer filed for sole legal and physical custody of Leo.

She accused Jackson of being “unhinged, volatile, and dangerous” post-breakup.

Jackson tweeted a photo of Leo, expressing his intention to see the child soon.

Despite allegations and legal filings, representatives for Palmer and Jackson did not respond to media requests for comment.

The couple’s breakup and legal proceedings gained significant attention from the public and media.

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Keke Palmer, 30, and Darius Jackson, 30, first encountered each other at a Memorial Day party hosted by Diddy and Issa Rae in May 2021.

Despite secretly dating, the couple kept their relationship private.

Palmer announced her pregnancy in December 2022 during her Saturday Night Live monologue, revealing her baby bump.

Their son, Leodis Andrellton Jackson (Leo), was born on February 25, 2023.

Darius Jackson, aka Darius Daulton, is the younger brother of Insecure actor Sarunas Jackson.

He is a fitness instructor, writer, and sports content creator.

Jackson pursued a career in sports media, earning a certificate in broadcasting.

He earned a football scholarship and played at Fresno State University.

The couple made their relationship Instagram official in August 2021.

Palmer and Jackson initially kept their relationship secret.

Jackson gushed about their relationship on Instagram, expressing gratitude for what they brought to the table.

Despite deleting photos in March 2022, Palmer and Jackson confirmed their relationship with her pregnancy announcement.

Their son, Leo, was born on February 25, 2023, during Black History Month.

Jackson is working on a new sci-fi movie, “Dawn of the Predator,” where he plays Agent Moyo.

In July 2023, Jackson criticized Palmer on Twitter for her outfit at an Usher concert.

Rumors of a split circulated, but Palmer made a surprise appearance in Usher’s music video in August 2023.

Palmer and Jackson appeared together on Instagram Live in August, hinting at a continued connection.

Jackson referred to Palmer as his “partner in crime” during the Instagram Live.

Palmer avoided discussing her relationship status on the Today show, adopting a “mind y’alls business” stance.

Jackson is involved in fitness and sports content creation, evident from his Instagram bio.

As a fitness instructor at Inspire Fitness Studio, Jackson combines his passion for sports and fitness.

Jackson’s older brother, Sarunas Jackson, is known for his role in the HBO series Insecure.

He has ventured into acting, with projects like “Dawn of the Predator” and a role in “Games People Play.”

Jackson’s Instagram occasionally features photos of his acting projects, travels, and social outings.

The couple kept their relationship private initially, avoiding sharing photos on personal social media profiles.

Palmer publicly praised Jackson in a deleted Instagram video, appreciating him as a safe space.

Jackson played a role in Palmer’s decision to go public with their relationship, emphasizing their happiness.

Despite speculations of a breakup in 2022, Palmer and Jackson confirmed their relationship through her pregnancy announcement.

The couple’s journey, marked by privacy, pregnancy, and public moments, continues to capture public interest.